Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being a Victim of Pimples

Being a Victim of Pimples
I had clear and radiant skin till my graduation. Everyone used to praise and vouch for my healthy skin. As soon as I entered my mid-twenties, I started getting tiny pimples on my cheeks. Though I have healthy lifestyle but the pimples and acne are the blessing curse of my genes. Yes everybody in my family suffered from these monsters once in their lifetime. 


Here are the common problems I face due to pimples and the effect it has on me: 

Stares from people
Yes the worst thing is people stare at you as if you have landed from another planet. I really hate going to public places and even if I go, I make sure to stand behind my parents to avoid weird looks. I so wish pimples never exist. Even when I had to give presentation in my classes, I make sure to complete it as soon as possible.

You cannot eat oily, spicy and fried food
I am being advised to take simple and homemade food. I am the only one in my friends’ group who order juice instead of junk food. Though I never feel shy or ashamed in front of my friends but they always force me to eat pizza with their patent statement “you won’t get a pimple if you will eat today”. The people sitting on the side tables think of me as a health conscious girl. 

No makeup
Being a beauty blogger, I have a huge addiction of makeup and when I was strictly advised warned by my dermatologist to stay away from makeup, I was like ‘Mother Earth! Please swallow me’! I cannot go to any function with my cheeks full of pimples and I have to use full coverage makeup but still nothing can beat a clean and healthy skin. It is horrible to attend functions when you have pimples!

You will get truck load of tips from aunties
Wherever you go with your pimply face, all you get is loads and loads of beauty tips from aunties. I can write a book on beauty tips. Though I had followed tonnes of their tips but then nothing can stop hormonal breakouts. I prefer wearing a scarf on my face to avoid any more tips and tricks when I go to their house.

Zero confidence in getting yourself clicked or taking selfies
I sing ‘pimple pimple go away come again another day’ when I see pimple just before a week of my relatives marriage. Yes when all my cousins get their pictures clicked, I find myself making excuses for not getting clicked. Getting a picture with pimples on is just a gross. I even avoid myself taking selfies.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash
Despite suffering from pimples and acne, I keep using different neem face washes and face packs to control them. Few months back, I came across Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash and since then I am totally hooked to it. You can read my review on my blog HERE. Whenever I suffer from pimples, I reach for only this face wash. It controls and reduces pimples to a great extent without drying out my skin. I loved the way it lightens the redness caused by pimples. This face wash keeps monsters away especially when I have to attend a wedding or function. It contains neem and tea tree oil that are a boon for pimple prone skin. I had recommended this face wash to many of my readers and I got really positive feedback. So if you have the worst kind of skin like me then no worries try Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash to get clean, clear and pimple free skin.

Have you ever been a victim of pimples? How did you overcome it? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

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