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Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review
I literally hate when my friends call me at the party just before an hour. There are times when I had not waxed my hands and done threading on upper lips. Hip Hop products are savior at the time of emergencies. I had already reviewed Hip Hop Waxing Strips HERE that is indeed very helpful to get rid of hair when you do not have time to visit a salon or parlor. Today I am going to review Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips that is all natural and is the best wax strips for upper lip in India
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review

Price: 80 INR
Hip Hop says-
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review

MBT says-
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips come in an orange and white cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. They contain 10 wax strips (5 double strips) and 1 after depil wipe. They are handy when you have really no time to visit parlor or salon. The wax strips are really thin and are perfect to take hair off from face. They are easy to use and are a convenient way to ensure effective hair removal. They are all natural and are dermatologically tested.

I had used these wax strips on my upper lips. I cut the strip into small and thin pieces so it can be easily placed over my lips. Before removing hair, make sure your face is not moisturized. I wash my face with a face wash to remove moisturizer from my skin. Just rub the double strips between your palms to heat it by friction and then peel the two strips apart. Put it on your upper lips or chosen areas and press it firmly sideways. Either purse your lips or make the skin tight using your tongue. Pull the strip away against the hair growth. Make sure you remove it immediately else the wax starts getting cool and stick to the skin. Repeat the procedure until you are done. The pain caused by wax strips is less compared to threading. The strips can be used 2-3 times before having to throw it away. 

The strips are effective in removing hair effectively and leave my upper lip skin soft and smooth. Though I always get red bumps after waxing or threading and I always make sure to spray Avene Thermal Spring Water all over my face. The strips tend to leave a thin layer of wax on my skin which gets easily removed with after depil wipes which are soaked with some oil that moisturizes the skin nicely. I start getting hair re-growth after around 2 weeks and the waxing do not lead to ingrown hair or prickly hair which happens with most of the ready to use wax strips. 

The wax strips are awesome in case of emergencies when you want to go with your date or friends and you do not have time to visit parlor and it really do not look good going with your mustache. Use it only in emergencies as using them consistently might lead to sagging of the skin. Though they do not give results like threading and leave fine hair behind but they definitely gives a clean look to my skin. Make sure you do it quickly else it will leave lots of wax on skin. 

My only grumble is only 1 after finishing wipe is provided with the pack. Less than half of the strip is required for doing upper lip and the after depil wipe gets finished off with a single usage. 

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review
Easy and convenient to use.
Removes hair effectively.
Depil wipe removes wax from the skin and makes it soft and smooth.
All natural.
Dermatologically tested.
Great way to remove unwanted hair.
Does not cause hair breakage. It removes hair from the roots.
Does not lead to ingrown hair.
Makes skin smooth and clean.
Reasonably priced.
Travel friendly packaging.
Easily available.

Only 1 after depil wipe is provided.

Overall Thoughts:
Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips are great in emergencies when you really don’t have enough time to visit parlor and get your upper lips done. They are easy to use and remove unwanted hair with less pain. Though they do not give perfect finish like threading but they do make the skin area look clean and nice. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

Disclaimer: The item was sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my own honest and personal experience with the product.


  1. Looks good, will try it if I get hold of it.

  2. This is one of their best products. well reviewed Megha

  3. I used this product long ago and didn't like it that much. may be I need to give it one more shot. :)

  4. Awesome review n sound great ...
    Lovely clicks :*

  5. I have not yet tried the face waxing strips but the normal waxing strips are good..! I like their after depil towel. They are really good at removing leftover wax on skin.

  6. I dont think i have the courage to use facial wax strips! Too scared :/ :/

  7. This looks like a great product. I agree more than one after depil wipe should be provided.
    Fab review!

    Keisha xo

  8. GReat review, I do hate when there is not enough wipes:)

  9. Hearing about these for the first time.. Well reviewed Megha!!

    1. Even i was not aware about this product Lancy! Thank you!

  10. good review :) wish they provided more wipes


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