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The Luxe Café- True Luxury Lies in the Eyes of Beholder

I have a huge passion of living a luxurious life. Now wait, what is your definition of luxury? To me, luxury is leading my life the way I want and enjoying it to the core. Traditionally luxury was associated with something that was expensive and limited to certain people. Recently I came across an Indian website- The Luxe Café that is fashioned as a virtual salon for the serious purveyors of luxurious living and has a distinct approach of sharing first-hand information and a 360 degree view of elite lifestyle choices. Today I am going to review The Luxe Café.
The Luxe Cafe 

The Luxe Café says-
The Luxe Café is an innovative platform for digital storytelling, curating interesting and newsworthy experiences from the world of luxury. From fashion and gastronomy to people and places, our endeavor is to shatter the traditional notions associated with luxury and reinterpret them for the truly passionate. We believe real luxury inherently is all about time and space, whether it’s the painstakingly handcrafted timepiece on your wrist or the precious hours you take out to spend with your loved ones.

MBT says-
The Luxe Café is India’s first of its kind B2C e-platform dedicated to the global luxury market. Traditionally luxury was related to something that is overpriced with lots of layers but now well educated consumers are more concerned with the personal quality of life. Now luxury is not limited to only things but has been expanded to experiences as well. The Luxe Café is the one stop destination to get all the latest information related to fashion, travel, leisure, motoring, home and style and life. In The Luxe Café you will realize that life is not about only living but to live it beautifully. There is something for everyone. It is for all those who ever wanted to get first-hand, authentic information and advice on premium brands, and also for those who do not have convenient access to such brands of information. Luxury is not limited to only cosmopolitan cities but in tier 2 and 3 cities too. Audi India’s head, Joe King, in an exclusive video interview to The Luxe Cafe, has stated that he has seen strong growth and new adaptation to luxury in tier 2 and 3 cities like Udaipur, Noida, Vizag and Nashik.

The Luxe Cafe
The Luxe Café acts as a bridge between industry experts and consumers. You will see lots of articles related to leading luxurious life by storytelling of having an experience and looking luxury in the sense of art, beauty, leisure, quality and knowledge. I loved reading articles and interviews of renowned people and their views on luxury.

The Luxe Cafe
The Luxe Café has experienced writers, artists, industry experts and design specialists that provide unique information to its readers to make wise and informed choices. The Luxe Café is poised to play a strategic role in the evolution of the ‘Luxe Consciousness’ in India. It will help brand conscious buyers and luxury enthusiasts to get more information on all that is happening, that is new and that comes from industry experts from the world of luxury. It not only focuses on people of metro cities but takes care of non metro cities as well.

Provides informative articles from industry experts. 
Gives a new meaning to the luxury.
Acts as a bridge between industry experts and consumers.
India’s very own B2C platform dedicated to global market.
Focuses on consumers from both metro and no metro cities.
Easy to navigate website.
One stop destination to people who love living luxurious and premium lifestyle in a new way.


Overall Thoughts:
The Luxe Café is a one stop destination e-magazine for consumers who love leading luxurious life in a new way. It has many informative articles related to Fashion, Auto, Interiors, Real Estate, Travel, Gastronomy etc from industry experts, writers and artists. Their audience is not only limited to cosmopolitan cities but to tier 2 and 3 cities too. I would highly recommend everyone to visit The Luxe Café and get insights of new luxurious experiences. 

Rating: 5/5

Have you visited The Luxe Café? What does luxury mean to you? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. thank you so much for the introduction!

  2. Amazing dear! Will check out the site x

  3. Thanks for the review very interesting!

  4. I've never heard of this, looks nice:)

  5. very nice! I'll have to check this out!

  6. Looks a Glam Portal ;)
    Thanks for sharing - Surely going to check it out soon :)

  7. I have heard about this website...I am really tempted to try it out now

  8. I have never heard of it but It certainly looks enticing! Will definitely go through it :)

  9. I love your definition of a luxurious life. It's so nice to be able to live it the way you want. So that's defines luxury for me too :) had a look at this website fairly recently. Quite nice.


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