Thursday, July 10, 2014 Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon Review- Make your pet a style icon
I have a HUGE liking for animals especially dogs. Not only they look like soft toys but they are good friends too. We had pets in our house before I was born so that might be the reason for my unconditional love towards them. I have a cute, handsome dog Jimmy who is not only adorable but naughty too. I searched lots of dog stores to find some cute stuff for my baby but alas I could find anything up to the mark. Recently I came across a really cute dog website that sells adorable yet affordable dog items. Today I am going to review Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon

About Headsupfortails:
We are India's exclusive luxury brand for 'pawsh' and fun doggie couture. Our products range from comfy and customized dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, to an awesome range of accessories for pets and pet lovers!
We also source yummy treats, fragrant dog spa products and other goodies from other international brands.

MBT says-
Okay before talking about my pet dog Jimmy let me show you his picture.
Hello every one I am Jimmy! A cute loyal friend of Megha. Wanna do friendship with me? Then first go and buy some toys for me else give me your mobile!
My pic when I was only a month old! Now don't say Awwww. Tired of hearing this!
Isn’t he adorable? He is 3 years old but looks quite older and stronger than his age. He has really a bad habit of tearing and chewing everything that is soft and hard like mudguards of bikes and cars, water pipes, slippers, my friend's cell phone etc. Recently a courier guy threw my cousin’s roll number in the compound of our home as nobody was at home and Jimmy tear apart everything and all I could see were bits of paper lying on the ground (and his innocent face!). That only made me think- he needs TOYS. As opposed to dog stores, I feel HeadsUpForTails has huge variety of cute and affordable yet good quality branded toys. Jimmy is fond of playing with balls and rollers and wow there are tonnes of them on the website. Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon
Not only that, HeadsupforTails has some really super cool jackets and sweaters for all seasons. I have already planned to buy a raincoat from them as the monsoon is soon approaching. Apparels are really cute and will definitely make Jimmy look stylish. Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon
I was delighted to find lots of beautiful bowls, beds and other accessories which are reasonably priced and are of good quality. I love changing collars of Jimmy and was more than happy to find personalized collars on the website. I am definitely going to buy yellow collar for him. Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon
Though my pet is vegetarian (I hope so, I have seen him running behind squirrels and rats many times!) but if you give your dog non vegetarian food then you MUST check this website. They provide packaged food from a lot of good quality brands. Jimmy’s hair are getting rough and dull due to the usage of cheap shampoos but now I know where to do get branded conditioning shampoos to make his hair soft and healthy. 

There is also one interesting item on the website that I feel is a must have if you have a pet: a Muzzle. Jimmy literally feels uncomfortable and makes noises when our vet visits our house. Muzzle is a perfect way to keep his mouth shut for few minutes.

Now the best part: Jimmy’s birthday is coming and what could be better than WAG BOX! The Wag Box is a monthly gift box for your pet with products that are handpicked by the Heads Up For Tails team. Isn’t it amazing? I am so excited to see some surprises for my lovely Jimmy. Review- Make Your Pet a Style Icon
The layout of the website is simple, neat and easy to navigate. HeadsupforTails provides free shipping all over India including Cash on Delivery. All in all is an awesome website for your lovely dogs. It contains all essential items that your dog needs. The products are stylish and branded with really affordable prices. I would definitely recommend this website to you!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried How was your experience? Share in the comments below!

Stay pretty!

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