Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfect Prom Dresses for Your Body Shape

I am an ardent reader of Wattpad and I love reading teenage stories. I love how they dress themselves for Prom. I literally do day dreaming about myself wearing a beautiful gown for Prom. Prom is a semi formal dance or gathering of high school teenagers and is held at the end of the senior year in US and Canada. It is the one of the most awaited event and of course one of the most important celebrations for girls as they really need to look super pretty on this awesome day. Before searching prom dress, one should choose it according to her body type. I am going to show you Prom dresses from an awesome online shopping website Victoria’s Dress that would complement your body shape and would be perfect for Prom Season 2014.

Hourglass Body Shape
It is the kind of body shape that every woman craves for. It is a naturally well proportioned and curvy body and almost all styles look fabulous on this body shape. A ball gown is a perfect dress to accentuate the waist. A strapless or off the shoulder neckline would look awesome on hourglass shape as they have well balanced shoulders.

Here is a gorgeous turquoise green tulle ball gown prom dress with a strapless neckline and beading and sequins embellishment. It has a beautiful lace up back details.
Prom Season 2014
Ball Gown Prom Dress

Apple Body Shape
In Apple body shape, the upper body is normally wider and heavier than lower ones. These kinds of body types have broad shoulders, back and waistline. Apple body shapes should avoid off the shoulder or heavily beaded dresses as they might accentuate their already broad shoulders. V-neck and scoop necklines long prom dresses would look fabulous on apple shaped bodies as they make the body look less heavy and broad. An empire silhouette with floor length hemline makes apple body shape appear less broad and draws the attention to the mid of the body.

Here is a pretty and elegant tulle pink unique prom dress with scoop neckline and floor length hemline. It has adorable beading, handmade flower, rhinestones and ruffles embellishment.
Prom Season 2014
Long Prom Dress
Pear Body Shape
Pear shaped bodies have narrow shoulders and back with well defined waist. Their lower bodies are wider than upper and have usually heavy hips and thighs. They always have rounded bottom. A-line gowns or ball gowns would look perfect on these body shapes as it would not draw attention towards their broader hips. 

Here is a picture of A-Line blue prom dress with strapless neckline and zipper back. The gorgeous beaded embellishments are definitely drawing attention towards upper part of the body.   
Prom Season 2014
Blue Prom Dress
Rectangle Body Shape
Rectangle body shapes are considered to be slim or slender and have similar shoulder, waist and hip widths. They have athletic look and have a very little curve. Girls with rectangle body shapes should consider Ball gown, empire or long sleeve prom dress to give the appearance of fuller chest and wider curves. The beaded neckline with halter necks would also look great on rectangle shaped bodies.

Here is a one of sexy prom dresses with one shoulder long sleeve with beaded embellishments. The one shoulder long sleeve is definitely adding an oomph factor and this long sleeve prom dress or short prom dress would definitely look awesome on slim body.
Sexy Prom Dress
Black Prom Dress
I hope this article would help you in choosing your prom dresses making you look absolutely beautiful on prom night.

Stay pretty!

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