Monday, December 2, 2013

Soften up your lips, hands and feet, all winter long with Iraya!

Say goodbye to cold-weather ravaged lips, hands and feet this season with Iraya's specialised range of natural products for winter skincare. Dropping temperatures and dry indoor heat wreak havoc on the delicate skin of our lips and hands, stripping them of moisture. Our feet deserve the best care as they turn rough, dry, and calloused. Not only do chapped and cracked lips, hands, and heels look unsightly, but providing them hydration and nourishment is just as important as the rest of the body.

This winters, Iraya changes everything. Let your lips breathe with Iraya's select natural lip balms with specialized moisturizing agents to keep your lips lubricated, soft, supple and full. Even kids get to delight their dry lips with the delicious, flavored varieties of the lip balm. Give your delicate hands the feel of super-smooth and luxurious hand cream from Iraya, that nourish and protect them from harsh weather conditions. Treat your feet fairly with Iraya’s rich foot cream, slathering them generously to seal in moisture, and to prevent and repair cracks.

Come soothe your lips, hands, and feet in this winter chill with Iraya’s fabulous range of natural products, that keep them as beautiful as ever!

Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Lip Balm   20 gm  Rs 245
Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Lip Balm 
Provides moisture & nourishment to lips

For chapped lips • oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ, hazelnut & vanilla

Iraya Green Apple Lip Balm   20 gm  Rs 245
Iraya Green Apple Lip Balm
Protects lips from dryness & getting chapped

For chapped lips • green apple, oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ

Iraya Orange & Citrus Lip Balm   20 gm  Rs 245
Iraya Orange & Citrus Lip Balm 
Moisturizes and prevents chapping

For chapped lips • orange, oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ & beeswax

Iraya Kokum Butter Hand Cream   50 gm  Rs 395
Iraya Kokum Butter Hand Cream
Intensely moisturizes, heals cracks, softens skin to prevent skin peeling

For dry chapped hands: kokum butter, sesame oil, almond

Iraya Bamboo Nail Care Cream   20 gm  Rs 295 
Iraya Bamboo Nail Care Cream
Softens cuticles, helps fortify brittle and cracking nails and encourages growth

banslochan (eye of bamboo), sesame oil 

Iraya Kokum Foot Softening Butter   200 gm 795
Iraya Kokum Foot Softening Butter
Nourishes and smoothens. Softens and gives nourishment to skin

kokum butter, olive oil, shorea robusta 

Available at:
Iraya Store - New Delhi
301/A, Level 2, DLF Promenade, 
Nelson Mandela Marg, 
Vasant Kunj, 
New Delhi 110 070.


  1. i have never tried iraya stuff but i would love to!

  2. Wow loved the post ! would love to try iraya products

  3. The products look so lovely...will def. try out :)

  4. Lovely products. I think I will try out the lip balm :)

  5. Looks a a great effective product.
    Have a nice day hun.

  6. Love the way the green apple lip balm looks. Want to try it.

  7. I got an iraya facewash in my Nov velvette bag... i am loving it actually :P


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