Thursday, October 10, 2013

This or That Beauty Tag

I was tagged by Swati of Curios and Dreams long back to do a post on This or That Beauty Tag. It is really a fun post and I enjoyed reading my blogger friends posts. I completely forgot about doing this post until recently Rajani of Perfecting the Imperfections tagged me. So without further ado, here are my answers:

Blush or Bronzer- Blush. I love cream blushers a lot especially NYX!
Lipgloss or Lipstick- Of course lipgloss. So easy to apply and looks stunning on lips.
Eyeliner or Mascara-  Anytime eye liner. I apply mascara only on occasions. 
Foundation or Concealer- Concealor to hide my acnes that I am suffering from these days.
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadows- Neutrals. I use colored ones only when I have a lot of time to do an eye look.
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows-  Pressed eye shadows. Super simple and easy to apply without getting messy.
Brushes or Sponges- Sponges. I am currently loving Born Pretty Store makeup sponge.

OPI or China Glaze- OPI. I absolutely love this brand. Although China Glaze is great too but I adore the texture and finish of OPI a lot.
Long or Short- Long but these days I am forced to keep them short due to the instructions given by my derma.
Acrylic or Natural- Natural. 
Brights or Darks- Difficult question. I love all shades when it comes to nail colors still I would prefer darks!
Flower or No Flower- Flowers! I love using floral nail art stickers.

Perfume or Body Splash- Perfume . Currently loving Nina Ricci!
Lotion or Body Butter- Body butter. It gets absorbed easily and leaves skin soft and supple.
Body wash or Soap- Body wash. Currently loving ASOS shower gels!
Lush or other Bath Company- I have not tried Lush yet!

Jeans or Sweat Pants- Jeans anytime and everytime.
Long sleeves or Short- Long sleeves. It makes me feel comfy.
Dresses or skirts- Dresses. I feel uncomfortable in skirts. 
Stripes or Plaids- Stripes.
Flipflops or Sandals- Sandals! I prefer medium sized heels.
Scarves or hats- Scarves. 
Studs or Dangly earings- Dangly ear rings! They look stunning on traditional dresses.
Necklace or Bracelets- Necklace.
Heels or Flats- Heels!
Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots - Never tried either of them. 
Jacket Or Hoodie – Jacket!
Forever 21 Or Charlotte Russe – Tried none!
Saks 5th Or Nordstrom – Tried none!

Curly Or Straight – Curly. I have wavy hair that are curly at ends. 
Bun Or Ponytail – Ponytail. I think bun would make me look like a granny.
Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips – Butterfly clips. I love them!
Hair Spray Or Gel – Tried hair spray only at parlors.
Long Or Short – Long though I have medium length hair.
Light Or Dark – Dark!
Side Sweep Bangs Or Full Bangs - Side swept bangs! 
Up Or Down - Down.

Rain Or Shine – Shine. I don’t like rains.
Summer Or Winter – Summer. I love you Sun!
Fall Or Spring - Fall.
Chocolate Or Vanilla – Chocolate
East Coast Or West Coast - West coast :) 

I am tagging:
Bushra from Confessions of a Stilettomaniac.
Niesha from Indian Beauty Forever.
Arzoo from Beauty and Makeup Love
Coral Crue.
Rakhshanda from Chamber of Beauty.

Stay pretty!


  1. My Answers Are Mostly Like Yours :P :D

  2. Loved reading ur answers...i also did this tag earlier...was fun!

  3. bun would make me look like a granny.... ahahahaha.. that was too funny.. yes i also hate rains.. n since u love lip glosses do sum reviews on that.. wud love to see.. was nice to read ur answers Meg :D

  4. Lovely read dear.. even me did a day back.. thanks to rajani for the wake up call ;)
    bbtw we have quite a few similaritiess.. :)

  5. Loved reading your answers dear, this is fun yeah..Your random answers are same as mine ekdum same, me and you makeup bhi same same hai.. Btw dear what happen to you, why are you consulting derma on everything nowadays, is everything allright??

    1. Ohhh meri bichadi hui judwa behen ♥
      I am having few acne on my face so visited derma. I stay away from doctor usually. :D

    2. May your acne vanishes fast like a zip zap ;)

    3. Thanx Arzoo. I am desperate to get back my old skin!

  6. Me doing taiyari for this poat..

  7. nice to know more about you megzz :)

  8. Such a good read :) I loved your answers sweets <3

  9. Lovely answers dear!! I like perfumes as well more than the body splashes.:)
    I had side swept bangs last year! thanks for the tag <3 <3

  10. Interesting answers :) Our preferences match a lot ;)

  11. Lovely Post Megha!
    Loved reasing them....Even I am a diehard chocolate fan!

  12. Enjoyed the post so much Megh! :D I believe that buns make me look like an aunty too >_<

    Thanks for tagging me cutie pie, done with the post! Here's the link:

    1. Thanx Bush! I can never think of me in bun :D Read urs. It was super fun :)


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