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Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review

At the time of my college days, I once stepped up onto the platform where a water cooler was kept. I just wanted to know how pure the water is (It was Aqua Guard filtered water though!). I still told my friends that the base of the water cooler is yellow and the water is looking ‘yuk’. One of my professors came from nowhere (I wonder why professors always make entry at the wrong (read fun) time!)

Professor: ‘Saraf if you do not like the water bring your own water or donate a water cooler in college.'
Me: ‘I came here to wash my hands.’
Professor: ‘Water cooler is meant for drinking water not for washing your hands’.

Although I did not reply back but I was full of rage and anger. From that day, I learnt the importance of or get to know about dry hand washes. It is a staple product in my handbag every time I leave my house. Today I am going to discuss my experience with Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash.
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
Price: 125 INR

Net wt: 150g

Available at: Local stores, online shopping websites.

Anherb says-
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
MBT says-
The dry hand wash comes in a clear, squeezable plastic tube with an off white flip top cap. The packaging is simple yet understated. The lid is quite tight and the tube can be carried around in a makeup bag without any fear of leakage or spillage. The hand wash is clear with lots of air bubbles in the tube. It has got very faint smell that is hardly noticeable. It is great for people with sensitive noses.

The texture of the dry hand wash is light, soft and smooth with gel like consistency. The hand wash is neither very thick nor very thin. I just squirt a small amount of gel on my hands and rub them together. It gets absorbed or dries almost instantly without leaving any wetness or stickiness on my hands. You do not need to wash your hands after using this. My hands feel clean, fresh and hygienic. It gives a slight cooling sensation to my hands which I like a lot. It does not dry out my hands as it is alcohol free. Instead it makes them soft and moisturized. It removes all dirt and grime off the hands and you are ready to munch when you are not at home.

Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash Review
No smell.
Soft and smooth texture.
Perfect consistency.
Gets absorbed quickly.
Does not leave sticky feeling behind.
My hands feel soft, smooth and clean.
Removes dirt and grime off my hands.
Gives slight cooling sensation.
Does not dry out my hands.
Alcohol free.
Not tested on animals.
Reasonably priced.


Overall Thoughts:
Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash is a great alternative to soap and water. It is a staple product in my handbag whenever I travel. It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave sticky residue behind. My hands feel clean, fresh and soft. It is safe for children too as it is alcohol free. I would happily recommend it to everyone.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Anherb Natural Dry Hand Wash? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. I haven't heard about this brand. Product looks nice though, would love to try dear! nice review.:)

    1. Yhanx Nieshu. Even i was not aware about this brand. :)

  2. Megha, 5/5...looks good. I nominated you for an award, check out my blog post to know more. :)

  3. seems a good product. haven't heard of it before. but now looking forward to give it a try :)

  4. I havent heard of this brad but yes hand sanitizers are a staple for my bag too

  5. I love to carry sanitizers with me in the bag. THis sounds good :)
    Nice review Megha <3

  6. these products are really usefull! great review meghz :)

  7. Have never come across this brand but it Seems like an awesome product Megha!
    Lovely Review... :)

  8. Wow this sounds very good Nice Review Megs <3

  9. Sometimes elders need to learn from younger people. In your case, you were totally correct in having pointed out to your friends how unfit the water was for drinking. In a country like ours where water borne diseases are so common, the authorities have to keep a strict check on such things. I am glad you stood up to it anyway. Donate a water cooler it seems!! Why can't they clean the one they have or replace it with the money the students spend!
    I have not seen this product but will look around for it. Wonderful review, Megha

    1. I so agree with u. U know i was not given scholarship in college just becos i belong to general category. Instead my director told me to donate as i am a daughter of a jeweller. Nevertheless i was a total brat in my college :D

      Thanx CC :)

  10. some professors na.. so irritating they are.. nice intro ;) Lol
    vow.. 5/5 really nice product,,, nice review Meg :)

    1. Thanx Nats. Most of my professors were irritating.

  11. This sounds awesome, I haven't heard of this before. As I said you are a brand and product guru, I don't know from where you get these kinds of products, well I have always used a sanitizer and would love to give this a shot, sachi me, teachers always makes entry at the wrong time.. So true.

  12. Hand sanitizers are a Must in My Bag Too!


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