Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Website Introduction: Baggout.com

Are you the kind of person who is curious about from where you friend bought shoes or bags or anything else? Well I am always eager to know from where, which website and what thing my friend purchased. Recently I got to know about a fashion website Baggout.com that includes all the best products that are purchased by your friend or actual buyers from all shopping websites. 

Website Introduction: Baggout.com

Here are the details about Baggout.com

Website Introduction: Baggout.com

Baggout is the collection of best products available online that are liked and bought by your friend. The website is a one stop shop for buying products which are available across all e-commerce platforms.

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
The mission and vision of the platform is to take power away from marketers of corporate and give it into the hands of real consumers like you and me.

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
There are two broad options available to the user for browsing Baggout’s product collection
o   Trending – This stream showcases the products which are most liked by Baggout’s users; in addition, there are options to view these products category wise. Currently, there are three categories which are available namely Men, Women, and Home
o   My Feed– This stream showcases the products which have been liked and bought by the user’s friends and their social connections.

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
Good thing is that all the products that are listed on Baggout have been posted by some real user after she has purchased the same from an online store. 

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
Baggout is also entering partnerships with a number of e-commerce sites wherein the customers of the partner sites will get an option to share their purchased item(s) on Baggout 

While browsing the platform, users can click “buy button” on a product which will redirect her to the e-commerce site where the product is available 

In case user is interested in a product and would like to revisit the same later; she can like the product which will result in the product being saved onto the user’s profile 

Baggout can be accessed through the website www.baggout.com” on desktop/laptop and through their android app on mobile phone.

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
Website Introduction: Baggout.com
You just need to log in using your FaceBook account to browse/ buy from a curated list of products based on what your friends and other users are liking and buying. You can also add your favorite purchases by feeding in the link and let other users know about your purchases. Baggout is also available on Android as an app. So you can easily browse and buy right from your mobile.

Website Introduction: Baggout.com
Overall I am really impressed by the concept introduced by Baggout. It would really help online shopping fanatics to shop wisely.

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Have you tried Baggout.com? How was your experience? Share in the comments below!

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