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Biotique Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser Review

I usually buy body washes or shower gels to use in the shower or bath as I have an inner feeling that soaps would make my skin dry and rough especially in winters. I have always loved Yardley London and Imperial Leather soaps. Then I came across Biotique Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser that claims to have almond oil as an ingredient. I got this small pack to try it out. Today I am going to share my experience with Biotique Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser.

Price: 30 INR

Net wt: 50g

Available at: Local stores or online shopping sites.

Biotique says-

MBT says-

Biotique Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser soap comes in a cardboard box packaging. It is a rectangular shaped bar and is light yellow in color. It is tightly wrapped in a thin layer of transparent plastic which I find really hygienic. It feels really soft and smooth compared to other bars.

As soon as the plastic wrapper is removed it is then that the subtle and sweet fragrance of the soap becomes obvious. I really could not explain the scent. The scent is extremely fresh and awakens the senses. I always use my bath scrunchie for gentle exfoliation. The soap lathers really well and feels gentle on the skin. It allows me to cleanse my skin efficiently and removes all dirt and impurities. It is easily rinsed away without leaving any residue behind. Since it contains many oils like almond oil, coconut oil, neem oil, castor oil my skin feels very soft, smooth and moisturized. However after using this soap I don’t feel the need to moisturize my skin but I have the good habit of applying body lotion anyhow. The scent doesn't linger with me and fades away as soon as it is rinsed away.

I have not experienced any adverse reactions while using it. I think it would suit sensitive skin well. Since I got the smallest variant of the soap, it does not last long. The soap does not lose its shape or leave a soggy mess in the soap dish. . Although the soap is meant for dry skin it suits my normal skin well and doesn’t make it feel oily. Since the soap contains oils I don’t think I would be using it in summers. I used it on my face as well and it really feels soft and radiant.


      ·       Scent is subtle and sweet. I love the smell.
      ·       Feels soft and gentle on the skin.
      ·       Lathers really well.
      ·       My skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized.
      ·       Does not leave residue behind.
      ·       Contains almond oil, neem oil, coconut oil and castor oil which is great for dry skin.
      ·       Does not dry out the skin.
      ·       Does not leave a soggy mess in the soap dish.
      ·       Easily available.
      ·       Reasonably priced.
      ·       Good packaging.
      ·       Recommended by doctors for people with sensitive skin.
      ·       No harsh additives, dyes or hardening agents.
      ·       Hypoallergenic and clinically tested.

      ·       Scent does not linger.
      ·       Does not last long (Well I have the smallest variant).

Overall Thoughts:
Biotique Naturally Almond oil Cleanser is a light yellow colored bar which feels soft and gentle on the skin. It has a nice subtle fragrance that makes your bathing experience quite luxurious. It lathers really well and removes all dirt and impurities off the skin. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It is easily rinsed away and does not leave any residue behind. The only downside is the scent doesn't linger and fades away soon. I shall definitely recommend it to people with dry and sensitive skin. Oily skinned people may give it a try in winters!

Rating: 4.8/5

Stay pretty!


  1. I like using face soaps in summers and this looks promising..will give it a try for sure !

    1. This one is a must have specially for dry skin :)

  2. I have not used soap on face for ages. This one looks great. thanks for the review. :)xx

    1. Even i don't like using soaps on face but this one is mild & i use it as a body soap!

  3. nice review Meghs... :)
    i have stopped using soaps... may be i might give this one a try :) :P

    1. Thanx Raz!
      I use soaps once in a while....You should definitely try this out :)

  4. I've combi skin :)) so I think I should go foor it :)))...I hvnt tried any Biotique products...Will check out at the store :)))))...thank you...kisses

    1. It will definitely suit u....In fact this is my first biotique product :)
      U r welcome dear!


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