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Oriental Botanics Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Soap Review

If you follow my blog, you would know how much I love trying different soaps especially the ones that are handmade. Although I love shower gels and body washes but I prefer a soap over these as they are easy to use and does not dry out my skin (i use only those soaps that are moisturizing!). I tried Oriental Botanics Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Soap that I bought from Amazon and I totally loved how moisturizing it was! Previously I had tried a body oil from this brand and boy it was so amazing! 

Price- Rs 275 for 125g (currently on discount!)


Oriental Botanics Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Soap comes in a very beautifully designed cardboard box packaging with all the information written at the back. The actual soap comes hygienically and neatly wrapped in a butter paper. The soap is beige in color with few long chunks (I do not know what they are in particular) present in the soap. It is rectangular in shape and looks really pretty. It is fairly in good size and the quality is obvious in its appearance and texture. 

The scent of the soap is floral and soothing. Although I always use body scrunchie in my bath or shower but I love using this soap on its own. It is easy to hold and feels soft and smooth on my skin. The soap creates plentiful lather with minimal efforts which is refreshing and delightful. It feels good on the skin creating a feeling of pure luxurious indulgence. Being a natural and handmade soap, it is quite kind and gentle to the skin. I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using it. The soap is glycerin based soap and contains goat milk, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin e, aloe vera and shea butter. 

The soap thoroughly cleanses my skin removing all dirt and impurities. It is easily rinsed away and does not leave greasy or sticky residue behind. I have normal body skin with slightly dry knees and elbows. My skin feels soft, hydrated, clean and fresh after using this soap. It does not dry out the skin or make it feel tight unlike other harsh soaps. I have the habit of applying body butters or lotions so my skin usually remains hydrated. The soap does not melt or turn soggy in the soap dish due to its solid texture. You do not need to chunk it off to pieces. The 100g of soap would last pretty well. It is natural, handcrafted and chemical free that suits all skin types. 

I use Oriental Botanics Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Soap only on my body and not on my face as it contains comedogenic ingredients that might break out my skin.


• Natural and handmade soap.

• Suits all skin types.

• Floral scent.

• Creates plentiful lather.

• Does not dry out the skin except if you have very dry skin.

• Makes skin soft, hydrated and clean.

• A very attractive soap.

• Gentle and kind on the skin.

• Does not leave greasy residue behind.

• Does not melt.

• Contains ingredients with moisturizing properties.

• Sulphate free, paraben free and silicone free.

• No mineral oil.

• More variants available.

• Made in India!

• Reasonably priced if you buy on offer!


• None!

Overall thoughts:

Oriental Botanics Neroli & Vanilla Handmade Soap is a gentle and mild soap that can be used by any skin type. It keeps skin moisturized and clean though I doubt it would suit very dry skin. It has lovely floral scent that instantly gives you a feel good factor. I would love to repurchase but a different variant.

MBT Tips

  • Keep it on a soap dish to prevent it from getting soggy.
  • Follow up with a good body lotion.

Do you use soap bars? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


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