Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Guide To Embellishing Your Feet With Jewelry

When thinking about accessorizing our look, we often start from ears, nose, neck, hands, fingers, and stop right there. No one mainly focuses on embellishing their foot, which also makes the ore part of accessorizing. Yes, there are foot jewelry that are meant to deck up your feet and make them the centre of attraction.

Jewelry does not always have to be diamond or gold to be precious. It depends on the design, your preference and the way of accessorizing it that determines the statement of your foot jewelry. We have only come across toe rings as the foot accessory, but there are plenty of other beautiful items that you can use. 

Here are a few foot accessories that are a must-have in your drawer.

Ankle Bracelets

Better known as anklets, this jewelry item wraps around your ankle and lie beautifully further embellishing your feet. There are different forms of anklets depending upon the preference. You can go for a simple chain or chunky oxidized anklets for an elegant look. You can also buy toe rings and pair it with them. 

Toe Rings

Toe Rings are the most conventional foot jewelry that we all know about. When it comes to toe rings, you need to understand the two-basic structure: ones that are fitted around your toe like a ring, and the adjustable ones. There is a wide variety that you will find in toe rings, which makes them a piece of versatile foot jewellery. It makes a bold yet elegant fashion statement that is minimal in all sense. 

Barefoot Sandals

As the name suggests, these are embellished sandals that create the appearance of footwear. These look like summer sandals which are made from a combo of anklets and toe rings. You can find these barefoot sandals in different varieties including, silver, beads, gemstones, crystals and even shells. If you think toe rings are the best accessory to bring allure to your feet, you must try these sandals. 

Guide to Wearing Your Foot Jewellery

Now that you have learned about different types of foot jewellery you can try out, it’s time to learn the right way to wear it. Here are a few tips that you must keep handy-:

#1 Choose Your Design and Style

Every jewellery has something to say about, and you need to choose what you want it to be. Choose your jewellery according to your style preference: minimalistic or extravagant. 

#2 Style It According To Occasion

Keep the occasion in mind whenever you are pairing foot jewellery. For instance, for weddings, you can go too loud, but for everyday wear, you have to keep it low. 

#3 Match It With Outfit

It is a general thumb rule that you need to match your foot jewellery with your outfit. For instance, to make a bohemian fashion statement, go for chunky anklets, and toe rings without any fear. 

Foot jewellery is the blend of glamour and tradition, adding to your personality and giving it a hype. It is always good to think about accessorizing your foot because you will never go wrong with that. Keep the guide mentioned above in mind whenever you are thinking about embellishing your foot.

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  1. I personally love wearing toe rings... it looks amazing and stylish.. <3

  2. Toe ring looks pretty but I am not a big fan of it.

  3. You are right, we are not that preoccupied with embelishing our foot. I used to wear anklets during summer but now I am really impacient to try foot rings too :D

  4. I like using toe rings and anklets too. Nice post!

  5. Really nice and chic jewelry: ** Kisses !!


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