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Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Since the time my baby was born, I have been using coconut oil for her hair and diaper area. I had tried various brands and I was literally happy with all of them. I believe virgin and extra virgin coconut oil are effective than the normal ones. If you remember, I had reviewed few products from Droplet and I was very happy with the results. I shall give the links of the products that I had tried at the end of this post so you can check. I always trust Droplet brand as not only their products are 100% natural but they provide fresh stock which I really prefer. Today I will be reviewing Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil.
Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil

Price- Rs 180 for 200ml 

The packaging of the oil is pretty simple but travel friendly. It comes in a clear, sturdy plastic bottle with a white flip top lid. Though I cannot say that the bottle is leakage proof but I had never faced any leakage during my traveling. Yes I always carry coconut oil with me on my trip for my baby. The flip top lid makes it very easy to use without creating a mess.

Details of Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil
Some precautions

Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural and cold pressed oil. Since the winter season is arriving, I can see thickness in its consistency. I particularly use this oil for my toddlers’ hair and bum. I have not noticed any considerable growth in her hair but it makes her hair shiny, black and healthy. It keeps rashes at bay. I have been using it on her before making her wear a diaper and I have not noticed and redness or rashes over her delicate skin. 

Flip top lid makes easy to use the oil

The coconut oil can also be used to treat skin allergies. Few days back, I had noticed hives of rashes on my thighs. I simply warmed up the oil and applied it on my rashes during bedtime and the next day all the redness was gone. It acts as an antibacterial and fights with allergies. 

Coconut oil also acts as a great moisturizer during pregnancy and it prevents stretch marks later. I had used lots of oil during my pregnancy and I have very less stretch marks. As I have acne prone skin, I don’t use coconut oil on my face as it is comedogenic and might break out the skin.

  • Natural and cold pressed.
  • The consistency is very smooth.
  • It indeed smells of pure coconut oil.
  • Works great on skin.
  • Great for preventing diaper rashes.
  • It is virgin coconut oil.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Easy to use packaging.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • I ordered the coconut oil from their Instagram profile. They charged me Rs 50 as shipping charges and the package was delivered very fast.
  • None!

Overall Thoughts :
Overall I had very good experience with Droplet Virgin Coconut Oil. It is natural and completely safe to use on babies. I have already finished the bottle and will be going to order again from Droplet.

My Tips: 
  • The coconut oil starts thickening in cooler season. Make sure you keep it in Hot water before using it.
  • If you have dry cuticles, coconut acts as the best nail and cuticle cream. 
What is your favorite coconut oil? Share in the comments section below.

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