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Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash Review

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Before starting the review, I would like to tell you that I won't be able to blog from 5th July to 10th as we are having house warming function and there will be family members and guests at my home.

Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash

Today I am going to review Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash that I gave it to my friend to test. Although it contains olive leaf extract but I am scared to use anything related to olive for my acne prone skin. My friend has normal skin type.

Price- Rs 180 for 100g 

A closer look
Description of Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash
Flip top lid
Swatches of Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash

The face wash comes in a dark blue squeezable tube with a white flip top lid! The consistency of the face wash is gel type and it gushes out whenever you invert the tube so make sure you do it wisely otherwise it leads to wastage of product! The face wash smells really good and soothing. It is mild and does not cause headache or irritation! It also has very mild scrub particles that does the job of mild scrubbing!

You need to take a small amount of face wash and lather it nicely! It feels good on the skin and since it is sulphate free, it does not dry out the skin. It does remove impurities and make the skin look clean. It also controls excess oil and makes skin feel balanced. Though I do not believe in lightening products but this does make skin look even and lighter. I have noticed that my friend's tan got reduced and her skin looks radiant and lighter. Though it does not contain comedogenic ingredients but I stayed away from it. It suits all skin types including dry skin.

- Easy to use packaging!
- Refreshing fragrance!
- It does exfoliate your skin gently!
- Sulphate free!
- Contains organic ingredients
- Lathers nicely!
- Gives a beautiful glow to the skin!
- Lightens skin.
- Cleanses the skin!
- Does not leave sticky residue behind!
- Free from parabens, sulphates, PABA, mineral oil and animal ingredients!
- Suits all skin types except very oily skin.

- Might not suit very oily skin as it is mild and sulphate free

Overall Thoughts:
If you are looking for a sulphate free face wash then you can try Organic Harvest 6 in 1 Face Wash. It not only cleanses the skin but makes it lighter and brighter! It does not dry out the skin and makes it feel balanced!

Have you tried any face wash from Organic Harvest?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I am yet try their range of products

  2. I love mild facewashes.. this one sounds perferct for my sensitive combination skin... love the review..

    1. You must try for your sensitive skin. You will love it.

      Thanks love!!

  3. The ingredient list is amazing and your review is very accurate. I am sure it will suit many types of skin but I don't think it will do for since I need a hard scrubing face wash because my skin has a very keratinous aspect especially in certain moments of my life, meds, therapies, etc. It might be perfect for my husband because he needs only a mild scrub effect.

    1. Same here. Even I need good cleanser and scrub ad I have oily combination skin.

  4. I wish to try this soon but face washes don't empty easily


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