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Born Pretty Flower Pattern Magnetic Pen Review

If you remember, I did a review on Born Pretty Dual Ended Magnetic Stick last month. I also got this dual ended flower pattern magnetic stick along with other items and I was pretty excited to try it out as I had never used flower patterned magnetic stick! After trying it 3-4 times, here is my review on Born Pretty Flower Pattern Magnetic Stick.

born pretty store reviews
Born Pretty Flower Pattern Magnetic Pen

Price- $1.99/ Rs 130 approx BUY ONLINE

nail art magnetic pen
Born Pretty Flower Pattern Magnetic Pen in color holo
floral nail art
For flower pattern
born pretty nails
For making lines
born pretty nail art
On my nails
born pretty nails
One more!
born pretty nail art
My favorite shot!
The magnetic pen comes nicely packed in a sealed plastic case that you can reuse to store it. There is flower pattern on one side and the line on the other! The pen is easy to hold and feels really light. It comes in 2 colors- holo and rose red and I got the holo which is golden in color! I tried using it with Born Pretty Pearlescent Magnetic Series in the shade "Demonic Tenderness" and the results were pretty disappointing. The magnets are not very strong and the patterns do not appear on my nails despite trying it every way! I kept it too close to my nails, hold it for long but nothing worked! After researching, I found it works well with gel nail polishes better! I am not into gel manicures so can't share my experience regarding it!

If you look closely, you can see sheer designs on my nails! The patters are really pretty but I wish the magnets were strong enough! The nail polish has to be applied over black nail polish and it creates purple patterns when magnets are in contact with it!

- Easy to carry!
- Easy to use!
- Comes with 2 patterns.
- Available in 2 colors!
- Reasonably priced!
- Born Pretty provides free worldwide shipping! I did not face custom charges!

- The magnets are not strong!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Born Pretty Flower Pattern Magnetic Pen is great for anyone who use gel polishes. I tried using it every way but alas I could not get the proper design. It would have been my favorite nail art tool, had the magnets been strong! I would recommend you to try Born Pretty Magnetic Stick instead which has strong magnets and gives patterns quickly!

Have you tried nail art magnetic pen? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!

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