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Sunprotek Gel Sunscreen SPF 50+ Review

Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel Review
Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel
Today II a going to review Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel that I have been using religiously for the last 2 months. I have been using Salve products for quite a few months and all are super hit. I am so proud to say that Indian brands are coming up with some really good products!  Whenever you are out in the sun, applying sunscreen is a must especially when in this hot, scorchy summer season. This sunscreen is not like other sunscreens and I found it to be the best sunscreen for all skin types!

Price- Rs 536  for 50g BUY ONLINE

All the information about Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel
Flip top lid makes it very easy to use!
This is how it looks!

The packaging of the sunscreen is very simple but great for travel purpose. It is white and yellow in color. The flip top lid makes it a travel friendly packaging and I can tote around without any fear of spillage or leakage. What intrigued me the most about this sunscreen is its gel formula. It is water based and feels very light on the skin. It applies easily and gets absorbed quickly without feeling heavy. It does not give a white cast unlike other sunscreens in the market. I love how glowy and nourished my skin looks! I do not apply a separate moisturizer when I use this sunscreen. I mostly wear it under my makeup and it acts as a perfect makeup base! It makes skin smooth and it becomes very easy to blend foundation and concealer. I do not stay under the sun for a long time so SPF 50 is too much for me but I have not faced any tanning issues yet so yes it WORKS! The scent is mild and pleasant and not like other medicated sunscreens.

Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel uses nanotechnology that prevents sunscreen from getting absorbed into the skin. The sunscreen agents must stay on the skin and not get absorbed into the skin. I have acne prone skin and i am so happy it does not contain comedogenic ingredients and is completely safe for my skin.

- Moisturizes the skin well!
- Mild and plesant scent.
- Uses nanotechnology!
- Does not breakout the skin!
- Safe for acne prone skin!
- No white cast.
- SPF50+
- Gives a nice glow to the skin!
- Suits all skin types!
- Price!
- Acts as a smooth makeup base!
- Travel friendly!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I like Salve Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel. It does not feel heavy or sticky. It does not give white cast and protects my skin from harmful rays of the sun. I have acne prone skin and this does not break out my skin in anyway! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

- If you have very oily skin, use a compact powder over it! Remember it does not give matte look!
- Wait for a few minutes before applying your makeup!
- Reapplication is needed if you are under the sun for a long time!
- Always clean your face with a makeup remover whenever you apply sunscreen to prevent your skin from breaking out!

Have you heard about Sunprotek 50+ Sunscreen Gel?

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  1. It's summer time right now here. These would do really well when going to the beach.

  2. I have super oily skin so I appericate this a ton!

  3. It's so important to have a good sunscreen on hand! Thanks a ton for sharing :)

  4. It's so important to take care of your skin! I'm obsessed with putting on sunscreen and this one looks like a great sunscreen option.

  5. I was confused which sunscreen to use this summer. Will try it this season. 😊

  6. All of the pros you listed make me want to check this out! One of the biggest drawbacks for me when applying sunscreen is I tend to sweat more, as the lotions block my pores. This sounds like it doesn't do that.

  7. A sun screen is one of the most important things to put on everyday and it is great you have found one which works so well. I think I am going to have to try it for myself.

  8. I tend to burn easily in the sun! This sounds like a product I could really use; thank you for the review!

  9. I do not wear sunscreen as much as I should.But I love the packaging and the fact thats it's a great moisturizer!

  10. Megha I was always neglecting the obvious till I came across your posts. Thanks a ton.

  11. Living in FL, we have to be so careful with the sun. We are always looking for new sunscreens.

  12. Its definitely sunblock season. Thanks for showing people the importance of using it.

  13. Sunprotek Sunblock seems like a great sun protecting agent. I should try it especially in the tennis court.

  14. I haven't heard about it but it is custom made for my skin type.

  15. this spf 50 suncreen does spund really good and with non-shiny finish it is even more desirable...loved the far i love lotus sunscreens a lot..


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