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Littloo Baby Soap Review

Littloo Baby Soap Review
Recently I got introduced to a new baby brand- Littloo! Though i was a bit skeptical to use it on my baby as i hardly change her skin care products but when I read it has pH 5.5 which is skin friendly pH level, i thought of giving it a try! Today I am going to review Littloo Baby Soap.

Price- Rs 175 for 75g BUY ONLINE

Comes with a tray and silicon tooth brush

Littloo Baby Soap Review
Littloo Baby Soap comes in a white cardboard box packaging with a soap. a tray and a leaflet inside. I loved the idea of keeping of the soap on a tray to avoid getting it soggy. I saw the tray concept before in Tedibar Soap only! The fragrance of the soap is hardly noticeable and the soap does not contain parabens, dyes, SLS or phenoxyethanol! 

This is how the soap looks
Littloo Baby Soap lathers well and rinses off quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind. It makes my baby's skin soft, smooth and moisturized. My baby does not suffer from dry skin the whole winter season as the soap is enriched with coconut oil, aloe vera and calendula extract. 

I am glad that this soap does not turn soggy like Tedibar even if not kept on the tray but I always make sure to keep it on tray! 

Yay a freebie!!!
Now the best part- the soap comes with a free silicone finger brush which is like an added bonus! I have started brushing my baby's teeth and this comes in handy!

- Fragrance free.
- Free of parabens and SLS!
- Enriched with coconut oil, aleo vera and calendula extract.
- Keeps baby's skin soft and supple throughout the day!
- Dermatologically tested and does not cause irritation to the baby.
- Comes with a silicon finger brush!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I loved how gentle Littloo Baby soap is on my baby's skin. It makes skin soft and supple and has 0 fragrance. It does not dry out or cause irritation the baby's delicate skin. I would highly recommend all mommies to check out this soap!

Have you tried Littloo Baby Soap? Which soap do you use on your baby or kids?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!

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