Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa Review

I have been using Amrutam products for more than 2 months and I must say I am very happy with the results. I had already reviewed Amrutam Ubtan and Amrutam Body Lotion. If you have checked them, you must check it out as they are amazing! Today I am going to review Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa.

Price- Rs 649 for 200ml BUY ONLINE

All the Amrutam products comes in a colorful cardboard box packaging that literally makes you feel happy. The actual product comes in a simple, plain plastic bottle with a golden screw top lid. There is an inner lid that prevents the hair spa from spillage or leakage during travel. I hardly take oils or hair packs with me whilst traveling but I think it can survive in your bag without creating a mess!

The hair spa looks more of a hair pack but in liquid form. It smells ayurvedic with no fake fragrance. It contains 50+ herbal ingredients including bhringraj, amla, brahmi, olive oil, aloe vera and many more. Instead of using hair oil, I apply this Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa the day before washing my hair. I simply apply it like a hair oil on my scalp and hair and leave it overnight. It does smell authentic and gives me a satisfied feeling of using 100% ayurvedic product. Wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and a conditioner

I have been using it for more than a month and I have definitely seen a volume in my hair. My hair looks smooth, healthy, shiny and voluminous. It helps in strengthening of hair roots thus preventing hair loss. It also keeps your hair black. It will be too early to talk about hair regrowth but yes it definitely helps in hair fall a lot!

- 100% Ayurvedic.
- Natural.
- Made with 50+ herbal ingredients!!
- Parabens and sulphate free.
- Reduces and stops hair fall.
- Strengthen hair roots!
- Prevents grey hair.
- I have not faced dandruff issues since the time I am using it.
- Nourishes the scalp!
- Reasonably priced!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very much impressed with Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa. It is taking good care of my hair and I am not having any hair issues since the time I am using it. i would highly recommend it to everyone!

Have you tried Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Wow, this product made me very curious, I would love a product that could prevent grey hair, gives strenght to the roots and avoids dandruff. I also appreciate the fact that has great ingredients and is an organic product.

  2. My hair fall increased after I used Kuntal hair spa and shampoo

    1. maybe it was the damaged hair which already loosen up from the scalp

  3. Hi. Does the henna in the mask have any side effect? I do not use any color on my hair. So will the henna dye my hair?

    1. I too dont use color on my hair and no it does not leave color.

  4. I tried this product. It made my hair super dry and frizzy. It's not for vatta Prakriti or vata pitta mix Prakriti hair type.


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