Monday, November 26, 2018

Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion Review

I bought Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion after reading lots of rave reviews on Facebook! It is a mix of aloe vera gel and turmeric that works wonders on problematic skin! I have acne prone skin with acne scars and it says it is organic so I bought it without a second thought!

Price- Rs 500 for 75g BUY ONLINE

Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion comes in a luxurious packaging with clear tub and golden lid! The sea green gel makes it look all the more expensive! There is an inner lid that protects the gel from spillage. I carried it a lot in traveling and have not faced issues! The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly!

Though the brand says it is a mix of aloe vera and turmeric but I feel there are added colors and fragrances! I always lookout for complete list of ingredients in my skin care products so this kind of disappointed me! The fragrance is really soothing and the magic potion feels really cool and nice upon application! I use it after cleansing and toning and before using my moisturizer! I simply take adequate amount of gel and massage it gently on my skin till it gets absorbed completely! It gets absorbed quickly and is non sticky! I have combination skin so I do need to use a separate moisturizer but if you have oily skin, you will love using it alone! It is very light and moisturizing!

I have been using it for more than a month and have not seen any visible difference! It neither gives me glow nor lightened my acne scars! Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion works on pigmentation, tan and sunburn! Though I am not sure of pigmentation but yes since it has cooling nature, it would work on burns and tan!

- Attractive and travel friendly packaging!
- Wonderful smell!
- Feels cool upon application!
- Great for oily skin!
- Treats sunburns and tan!
- Non sticky and lightweight!
- Moisturizing!
- Works as a primer!
- Organic!

- No complete list of ingredients!
- Have not noticed any visible difference!
- A bit pricey!
- No mention of the manufacturing date!

Overall Thoughts:
I love using aloe vera gel especially after toning my skin! It feels cool and moisturizing on my skin but did not do any magic to my skin! I had high expectations from this product after reading so many positive reviews but unfortunately I could not see any noticeable changes in my skin!

Have you tried any product from Auli Lifestyle?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I believe that this product might be perfect for summer and hot weather, sad gor the lacking list of ingredients and the price.

    1. yes its good for all season but yeah they should have mentioned full list of ingredients!

  2. Product dikhne me kiyna accha lag raha hai na 😊
    Maine bhi aloevera n bamboo gel k barey me bahut suna liya bhi per mujhe dono hi pasand nahi aaye

  3. Treats sunburned skin sounds good for me ... I will try this soon

  4. I love to keep my skin moisturised and i think this would into my bill nicely.. I'm so impressed by that colour of the product... So soothing

  5. This brand had a lot of hype in one of the groups I gollow...your review came at the right time...u had this in my, I think I will skip it

    1. I agree with you Renji. I also read so many raved reviews and bought it but it did not do any magic on me!

  6. Sensitivity skin ke liy
    E kaisa h

    1. it has colors and fragrances so would not suggest


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