Monday, July 2, 2018

Everteen Menstrual Cup Review

I have never thought in my life that I will use a menstrual cup! The thought of inserting that weird looking cup scared me but when Everteen send me their newly launched menstrual cup, I was thrilled to try it out. Today I going to review Everteen Menstrual Cup!

Price- Rs 455 BUY ONLINE

The menstrual cup comes in a nice, small white and pink cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it! The cup is nicely packed in a plastic and there is also a storage pouch that you can use to store it when not in use! There is also a leaflet that guide you on how to use menstrual cup!

Everteen Menstrual Cup is made of medical grade silicon that is soft and 100% safe to use! Make sure you wash your hands properly before using menstrual cups! You just need to fold it and insert it into your vagina. Now there are many ways you can fold it. In whichever you feel comfortable, use that way to insert it in your vagina! If you are a first time user, you need to practice inserting it as it definitely requires many attempts! Sit in a relaxed squatting position and push the cup gently at about 45 degree angle. As soon as it gets inserted you will feel that the cup is fully open! You can check out the pictures to understand the menstrual cups better!

The menstrual cup provides 12 hours protection against menstrual fluid but i would recommend you to empty it after 8 hours! It feels comfortable and does not cause skin irritation! It is cost effective and comfortable than tampon and pads!

If you are first time user, I would recommend you to use a pad also in case of any spillage! You do not feel like you are on your periods and it gives you full freedom to do all activities like yoga, swimming, running and other activities!

Cleaning the menstrual cup is very easy! You just need to clean it with Everteen Intimate Wash or simply put it in boiling water for 10 minutes!

- Cost effective! Lasts for 10-15 years!
- Feels comfortable!
- Easy to carry in your bag!
- It holds a lot of menstrual fluid than pads and tampons!
- No spillage!
- No bad odor!
- You can do all activities!
- Does not make you feel that you are on your periods!
- You are saving the planet by not throwing pads or tampons each month!

- Will not be easy for virgin girls!
- I do not feel comfortable washing the menstrual cups in public restrooms!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Everteen menstrual Cups are the best options in those days and save your time and money. They are very comfortable and hold lots of menstrual fluid! You just need to be patient when using for the first time! Highly recommended!

Have you tried menstrual cups? How was your experience?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I have same thoughts about using menstrual cups..They scare me and over all I cringe at idea of emptying and cleaning it at public washrooms which I might have to given I have heavy flow... But yeah change scares us first... I am enjoying the tempo phase , I would love to try this one as well..

    1. hehehe mine is the opposite cae. tampons scare me :D


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