Friday, June 8, 2018

Life & Pursuits Soak In Goodness Ultra Light Moisturizing Lotion Review

This is the first time I am trying products from the brand- Life & Pursuits. Their products contain certified organic ingredients. Today I am going to review Life & Pursuits Soak In Goodness Ultra Light Moisturizing Lotion.

Price- Rs 600 for 100ml. BUY ONLINE
It is also available on Amazon and Flipkart!

The moisturizing lotion comes in a opaque white squeezable plastic tube with all the information printed over it. I loved the 3D print on the tube that makes it different from other brands. The tube can be easily carried around in bag without any fear of leakage.

The lotion is slightly yellow in color with mild fragrance. The fragrance is pure though I literally could not detect what it smells like. The consistency is quite thin and gets applied into the skin well without leaving greasy look behind. Make sure you blend it in circular motion to let the lotion aborb into the skin!

As the name says the lotion is very light. I have oily, combination skin and it is super light for my skin. My skin still feels dry after using it but if I take more quantity it makes my skin soft and nourished. I think I will use it in monsoon season when the weather is humid.

Life & Pursuits Soak In Goodness Ultra Light Moisturizing Lotion is meant for both face and body. I have used it as a body lotion too and it makes skin soft and hydrated. It contains all certified organic ingredients and is completely safe for the skin. I have been using it for the last 10 days and it keeps my skin acne free. 

- Travel friendly packaging.
- Mild scent.
- Lightweight.
- Superb for oily and normal skin! 
- Contains certified organic ingredients.
- Does not feel greasy.
- Does not contain comedogenic ingredients thus safe for acne prone skin!
- Makes skin soft and nourished.
- Skin looks smooth!

- Might not suit dry skin.
- Pricey.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Life & Pursuits Soak In Goodness Ultra Light Moisturizing Lotion is a wonderful moisturizing lotion that is very light and keeps skin soft and moisturized. Great for all skin types except dry skin.

Have you heard about Life & Pursuits?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!

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