Friday, May 11, 2018

Best Toys for 3 month old Baby

Now that my baby is 4 months old, I am here to share with you what all toys are best for a 3 month old baby. Don't invest in toys before 3 months as they hardly attract the babies. 

My baby Anaaya started exploring as soon as she entered 3rd month. I started understanding her sleeping and feeding patterns and now I can say I can do some me time aka blogging when she sleeps.

What you can expect from a 3 month old baby:
- Smiles when see familiar faces.
- Neck becomes strong and now little support is needed.
- Turns head to a sound or moving objects.
- Grasp and waves objects.
- Responds to what you say.

The best toys that I found very useful for my 3 month old baby are:

It is by far the best invention for the baby. My baby loves playing with the hanging toys. When she gets cranky, I keep her in rocker and she sleeps peacefully. I got mine from Amazon. It can be used till your baby turns 1 year. 

Fisher Price Baby Gym BUY ONLINE
It was a gift from our friend and I am so thankful to him. She plays in the gym for at least an hour. The hanging toys and the piano keep everything interesting. The music is very soothing and perfect for babies. It is indeed a gym as it helps to coordinate her eyes and hands. My baby loves kicking piano and grabbing the hanging toys. 

Baby Rattles BUY ONLINE
My baby loves rattles with big eyes and smile. These colorful rattles are from the Hello Baby brand and believe me they are of such good quality.  They have very low sound that do not have baby's ears. Babies love grabbing and waving key toys so do not forget to buy them.I also bought few wooden rattles that my baby loved a lot.

Merry Go Round BUY ONLINE
My baby love this toy. It is colorful and keeps her engaged for a long time. You can either hang it over a crib or swing or just hold it in your hand. Babies love colorful toys at this stage and this toys is totally worth.

My baby on her colorful playmat!
I keep my baby on playmat at for at least half an hour. It helps them to roll around better than on bed. It also helps in fast development of babies. I bought mine from Firstcry and it is such a useful investment!

I hope my baby will still play with these toys in her 4 months. I shall update you in the next month about her activities!

What toys does your baby love?

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