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VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Review

VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Review
After I posted about VANT 36.5 on my Instagram, I got many requests from my readers to review the products especially sheet masks and CC Cream! If you are not following me on Instagram then please do follow HERE! You can get all the latest updates there! VANT 36.5 is a Korean luxurious beauty and makeup brand!

I had already reviewed one of the sheet masks- VANT 36.5 Tight Sheet Mask that I love a lot! It takes such a good care of my skin!

VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask costs Rs 2999 for a set of 6 sheet masks (currently on discount!). BUY ONLINE

VANT 36.5 says- 
VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide has been upgraded. It now contains conditioning extract that helps skin soothing and mitigation to maximize skin stabilization as well skin hydration. The undiluted complex is easier to apply in the bio-cellulose mask format.

1) Clean your face thoroughly and tone skin with a skin softener.
2) First, remove the C film and carefully fit the mask sheet to your face. Then, remove the A film on the other side and keep the mask sheet on for 15~20 minutes.
* Dead skin cells and white heads will adhere to the bio-cellulose mask sheet when it completely dries and is removed. Effectively keeps skin fair and clean.

VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Review
MBT says-
VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask comes in a white cardboard box packaging with all the information written at the back! The language is in Korean language! In the box, you will find 6 sheet masks and the packaging of each sheet mask is easy to tear so it is very convenient even when you are traveling. As I told you earlier, I like carrying sheet masks with me whenever I am out of town or when I had to attend a function next day! 

VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Review
As soon as you open the pack, you are greeted with very mild, luxurious scent! It is very soothing and I LOVED it! I find the sheet mask a bit dripping wet but once it is on your skin, the essence would not drip! The sheet mask comes in 3 layers- the cloth, bio cellulose and a plastic sheet! Before applying sheet mask, make sure you have cleansed your skin well! Remove the C film that is the plastic sheet and apply it gently on your face! Lastly, remove the cloth sheet and you are good to pamper your skin! The bio cellulose mask feels very soft and smooth on the skin! The brand says if you apply it until the cellulose mask dries up, you can find all your blackheads and whiteheads popped out! Fortunately, I do not have blackheads and whiteheads so can't share my experience!

VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask Review
After 15 minutes, I remove the mask and massage the essence on the face with the tips of the fingers! It gets absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind! It makes skin soft, smooth and very well hydrated! My skin feels healthy and glowing for the whole week so I can definitely say that it works!

Here is me wearing the mask! You can see the smooth bio cellulose material! 
BTW you can laugh a bit 😆

 - Easy to tear packaging!
- Smells awesome!
- The sheet is nicely soaked in essence!
- Instantly hydrates the skin and makes it look healthy and glowing!
- Gives a healthy glow to the skin!
- Size of the sheet mask is good!
- Easily available in India!
- Suits all skin types!
- Contains witch hazel and ceramide NP!

- Pricey!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, VANT 36.5 SP Ceramide Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask is one such sheet mask that does what it says! It gives skin a healthy glow and hydrates it well especially in this cold weather! My skin feels nice and hydrated the whole week! I shall definitely and highly recommend it to everyone!

Have you tried products from VANT 36.5?

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