Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Floral Print Women Handbag ft Stylebest

Floral Print Women Handbag ft Stylebest
This is the last item from my Stylebest haul! I had ordered 2 tops, one wallet and this super stylish bag from Stylebest! I must say they offer really high quality products at reasonable price! I shall definitely going to place the order again soon!

Floral Print Women Handbag costs $7.39/ Rs 400 approx! BUY ONLINE

Use the coupon code 'matubag' to get the bag at $4.29 only!

Floral Print Women Handbag ft Stylebest
The handbag is available in 2 colors- black and white and I chose the black one! It is made of high quality PU material and looks uber stylish and pretty! I absolutely loved the white floral prints on the bag which makes it all the more feminine! It also has a strap which is detachable and you can use it as a shoulder bag! 

Floral Print Women Handbag ft Stylebest
The zipper is of very high quality and as soon as you open it, you will find a small compartment with an inner zipper and a slot for carrying mobile or other small items like keys, jewellery etc! 

Floral Print Women Handbag ft Stylebest

It is a small bag and is useful when you do not need to carry many items! I am pregnant and I hate carrying huge bags and this has become my favorite ever since it arrived!

If you love small sized handbags then I would highly recommend you to check the collection of Stylebest. They offer worldwide shipping and I was not charged customs duty!

What kind of handbags do you like?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Mujhy floral prints bahut pasand hain, bag bahut hi cute hai, itna affordable bhi hai per payment options mere paas sird COD hai to main buy nahi kar sakti, bad luck (

    1. Get one credit card soon aunty. you can save so much money!


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