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Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts Review + Giveaway Winner

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts Review
If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I had posted about the all new Lakme Absolute & Masaba Lip Pouts. India's leading fashion designer Masaba has given the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts a fashionable makeover in her signature style of bold prints and pop colors, inspired by the theme of Candyland. Though I have not tried their old lip pouts but I must say I am really impressed by these new Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts due to its packaging, formula, shades and pigmentation!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts* cost Rs 750 for 3.7g!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts Review
There are a total of 10 shades available and today I am going to show you 5 colors!

The packaging is really funky, chic and colorful and stand out among all lip products! It is in the form of crayon and very easy to use! You can even apply lip color on the corners of your mouth with ease! The packaging is inspired from Candyland and you can see the designs of mango bites, bubble gum, melody and many more! Now let's adore the beauty of the shades!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts Review

Swatches of Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts 

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout in Cherry Bite
It is a warm toned cherry pink color with matte finish! It is very pigmented and gives true color in just a few swipes! It instantly makes my face look bright and lively! It will look fabulous on all skin tones! 
PS: The packaging is very cute and inspired by mango bite!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout Role-A-Cola
It is a purple toned lip color with pink undertones! Though I am not a huge fan of purple lip colors but surprisingly it looks fantabulous on me! I love wearing it in the evening when I want really a glam and bold look! It will look awesome on all skin tones, especially darker skin tones! The color payoff is really good and gives awesome coverage to the lips!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout in Orange Candy
If you love bright colors then this is for you! It is a beautiful bright orange color with matte finish. I literally do not need any other makeup when I am wearing it! It makes my face look fresh and alive! It will look good on fair to medium skin tones!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout in Bubble Pink
I love bubble pink color and it is my favorite among all! It is a bright bubble pink color and the packaging is super pretty and cute! It is inspired by bubble gum and looks really adorable on my vanity! It is also very pigmented and has superb formula! It will suit all skin tones!

Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout in Caramel Toffee
It is an everyday neutral color. The packaging is very cute and reminds me of Melody toffee! It is my to-go-to lip color and it feels comfortable throughout the day! It would look great on all skin tones!

- Super cute packaging! I might grab more shades :)
- Pigmentation is extremely good!
- Non drying!
- Glides on easily!
- Comfortable matte finish!
- No need for sharpening.
- Lasts really long. Leaves a tint behind!

- Price!

Overall Thoughts:
Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pouts have definitely become my favorite lip colors due to their funky packaging and shades! The formula is very comfortable and the colors stay for a long time! i would definitely recommend them to everyone!

My Tips:
- If you have very dry lips, apply a lip balm underneath! I always apply a lip balm before any lipstick application for smooth application!

What is your favorite Lakme Absolute Masaba Matte Lip Pout color?

PS: The winner of Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag is Kim Minton ( Congrats! Kindly share your details soon!

Stay pretty!


  1. Wow, lovely colors, I would like to try yhem all but my favourite are Orange Bite and Caramel Toffee. Wish I could find them in Europe, because with all those pros it must be a great product.
    Wish you a beautiful day.

  2. the price is only point holding me back to buy these..loved the swatches...

  3. Bubble Pink shade is very nice,.. But i felt its bit over pricey,..

    1. Yes its a very beautiful pink! Yeah i too think the same but u can always get them during sale!

  4. Lovely swatches and pictures! <3 Want to get Caramel toffee from this range!


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