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FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review

FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review
I was not keeping well for the last few days but today I am very excited to share with you one of the best contact lenses I have tried recently! If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would know this is the first time I am featuring contact lens! I tried wearing contact lenses so many times but it just could not get into my eyes! Today I am going to review FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses! The team is really very helpful and guided me well in wearing contact lenses! Thank you so much guys! I must say after wearing colored contact lenses, my eyes look so pretty and glamed up! 

FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses* cost Rs 995 for 10pcs! I got 1 day disposable contact lenses that are very convenient to use when you are in hurry or traveling! You can order the contact lens on FreshKon India FB page or find your nearest location HERE!

FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review
FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses come in a white cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it! The contact lenses are safely stored in disposable containers with the appropriate solution in them! 

FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review
FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review
FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses Review
I got the colors shimmery grey and shimmering violet and I must say I am totally in love with shimmering grey! The contact lenses are very soft and do not irritate the eyes in any way! I wore contact lenses for the second time (first time in my marriage!) and I must FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses are the best! My makeup artist made me wear the lenses that were making me feel that something was there in my eyes but with FreshKon I literally cannot feel I have lenses in my eyes! They are very soft, light and thin! Colored contact lens instantly make you feel glam up without efforts! I feel Shimmering Grey would suit all skin colors and eyes!

Me wearing shimmering grey in bright light
Kindly ignore my undone brows. I just don't feel like going to salon these days!
- Loved the travel friendly packaging! No hassle to carry glass bottles or solution with you!
- Fast shipping!
- The colors look natural on eyes and does not make you look OTT! I love shimmering grey!
- The contact lenses feel very comfortable once they are stuck on the eyes!
- The lenses are thin yet of very good quality as I have tried inserting them multiple times with no tearing!
- Can give you an overall different look!
- Makes my eyes look big and awake!
- Price is reasonable as you get 10 pieces in a pack! You can opt for a year contact lens if you wear them daily!
- Available in various power ranges! I do not have a number so I ordered 0 prescription!
- No eye irritation because they function as UV blocking with hyaluronic acid that acts as lubricant!
- Very easy to remove!

- You need practice if you are a first time wearer!

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally happy with FreshKon Colors Fusion Cosmetics Contact Lenses. They not only look super pretty but are super comfortable to wear even for the second timer like me! They do not cause discomfort or irritation to my eyes! The shades are not OTT and make eyes look glam up! I do not wear colored lenses on dally basis but I would love to put them on special events and occasions! I would happily recommend it to everyone!

Rating; 4.9/5

My Tips:
- Ask someone for help if you cannot wear lenses!
- Make sure your hands are clean!
- Pinch method is the easiest to remove contact lenses!
- Never rinse the contact lens in tap water!
- Disposable lens should not be reused!

Do you love colored lenses? Which shade would you like to try?

Stay pretty!


  1. I never tried contact lenses.. You looking super gorgeous in these lenses and red hot lipstick :)

    1. Do try. they instantly give a different look!

      Thanx :)

  2. You look very pretty with this lens

  3. I have never tried colored lens,.. But after seeing your pictures, I'm impressed,..

    1. Do try Shilpa! they instantly changed the look!


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