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Matrikas Woman's Journal

Matrikas Woman's Journal
The one thing that you might not be knowing about me is I love scribbling and writing notes in my diaries! I have loads of diaries and journals with me and when I was offered to try Matrikas Woman's Journal, there was no reason to say no! I like to keep my personal diary and blogging diary separate! I try to be as organized as possible through the notebooks and journals! I was introduced to Matrikas in the year 2014 (you can read my post HERE!) and I was really impressed by their cover and quality! Recently Matrikas launched the journals specifically designed for women!

Matrikas Woman's Journal* costs Rs 450! BUY ONLINE HERE or HERE

Matrikas Woman's Journal
Matrikas Woman's Journal
Matrikas Woman's Journal comes in 4 designs and colors and I chose the red one which has a feather drawn over it. I loved the golden detailing on the hard cover. It makes the journal look so pretty, elegant and feminine. It is an A5 sized diary with a red elastic closure. 

Matrikas Woman's Journal
As soon as you open the journal, you will find a section for filling your personal data! I personally love filling this information as you never know when it comes handy when you are in need! The journal contains 3 kinds of sheets- ruled sheets, doodle sheets and adult coloring sheets. I particularly loved the idea of adult coloring sheets because it really keeps you busy when you are waiting for someone or your flight! I always carry a few colored pens in my handbag! 

There are also a few pages at the back where you can write about the books to be read, places to be visited and names and address of your loved ones! There is also a secret compartment at the very end to keep your cards and receipts. 

Matrikas Woman's Journal
The exciting part about this journal is the sweet, cute stickers. I actually loved all the stickers and can't wait to scribble away my heart in this gorgeous journal. This diary is perfect for a modern woman and contains everything that we girls need in a diary! 

Matrikas Woman's Journal aims to make a woman's everyday life full of a little more joy. I have been using it for the last 2 weeks and I have shown all my creativeness in this journal. I write all my plans, beautiful quotes, few cute doodles and of course add colors to the sheets to feel relaxed and refreshed! I would definitely recommend this beautiful journal to all my MBT readers. I am sure you won't regret purchasing it! For me, Matrikas Woman's Journal is a joy to write. It is a perfect combination of beauty and quality!

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Did you like Matrikas Woman's Journal? Do you maintain a journal or diary?

Stay pretty!


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