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Dresslily Puff Sleeve Design Blazer Review

Dresslily Puff Sleeve Design Blazer
I am sure by now you would know I am obsessed with jackets, blazers, hoodies and coats. I have a wardrobe full of jackets and can't get enough of them! Each time I go for shopping I first rush to the outwear section and Mr MBT has to literally drag me away from that section! So recently while browsing on Dresslily, I came across this beautiful and stylish blazer*. I have not come across this kind of blazer previously. It is designer and has puff sleeves that makes it unique! It costs $39.83/ Rs 2500 approx! I got it in discount and unfortunately currently it is out of stock! You can BUY ONLINE on Dresslily and you can buy similar one HERE!

Dresslily Puff Sleeve Design Blazer
Dresslily Puff Sleeve Design Blazer
Ordering from Dresslily is super easy! The navigation is simple and you can make payments via PayPal, credit and debit cards! Dresslily provides free worldwide shipping which makes me want to do more shopping! The package arrived at my place within a week's time with no customs charges imposed!

The blazer is white in color with black lines all over it. Let me tell you, it DOES NOT look like zebra design! It is made of cotton and feels extremely light and comfortable against skin! As the winter has almost arrived, I love wearing it when I feel the weather is neither too hot nor too cold! Though it looks great on all outfits but I love pairing it with my LBD! It just looks so stylish and smart! The puff sleeves make it all the more unique. I have checked many blazers across many stores but haven't come across the puff sleeves one. The sleeves make the blazer look so cute! It also has ruffles that make it look very girly! It has a zipper that is of good quality but I like wearing it open because it makes me feel comfortable!

I ordered size M for me and it fits me perfectly!

- Feels comfortable and light!
- Stylish and cute!
- Fits perfectly!
- Dresslily provides free worldwide shipping!
- Easy payment methods!
- The package arrived safely at my place!
- No custom duties imposed!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Dresslily Puff Sleeve Design Blazer has become one of my favorite blazers! I love how light and comfortable it feels. The white color goes with all colors and as it is so small and light, I can carry it with me in my bag! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to check it out!

Rating: 5/5

Do you like deginer blazers?

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