Thursday, September 1, 2016

Skin18 Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Sheet Mask Review

It's raining in Hyderabad and honestly speaking I loved this city to the core. I will be moving to Bangalore at the end of this month and would definitely miss this place *sob sob*. I went to my hometown and my skin got so dull and lifeless due to tiredness and lack of sleep (I mean who rests when you are at your home after marriage?). Luckily I carried my Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Sheet Mask* from Skin18 with me. You can literally use it anywhere and it is not messy at all. I am so obsessed with the sheet masks! Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Sheet Mask is priced at $0.95 or Rs 60 approx and sadly it is not available on their website. I think they no longer stock products from Four Season any more.

I loved the picture on this mask! It's so pretty!
Everything you need to know abut this sheet mask!
Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Sheet Mask comes in an easy to tear pacaging so you do not need any tool to cut it. The sheet is made of good quality soft material soaked in a beautiful scented serum. The scent is very mild and plesant. It gives such a relaxing feel whilst application. Though I have always loved Skin18 sheet masks for their effectiveness and adherance but this sheet mask was falling off my face. I feel it was a bit big for my face and it was coming off if I bend. So make sure you lie down and relax with the sheet mask on. After 20 minutes, I removed it slowly off my skin and massaged the excess serum on my face and hands. It gives such a healthy and refreshing look to my skin. My dull skin felt soft and moisturized. I have the habit of applying masks at night and I totally loved my skin in the morning. It looked so glow-y and bright.

- Easy to tear packaging.
- The sheet mask is made from good quality material.
- The mask feels soft against the skin.
- Fresh and pleasant scent.
- Makes skin glow.
- Makes skin moisturized and soft.
- No comedogenic ingredients thus safe for acne prone skin like mine!
- Suits all skin types
- Reasonably priced.

- Not available online.
- The sheet mask was sliding off the skin.

Overall Thoughts:
Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Sheet Mask from Skin18 is definitely the easiest way to get rid off dry, dull and tired skin. It makes skin hydrated and bright. I love using sheet masks the night before I want to attend some function. Highly recommended!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Do not apply sheet mask for more than 20 minutes.
- Apply it on clean skin.
- Make sure to relax to get optimum results from it.
- Use the excess serum on your hands and legs.

Do you like sheet masks?

Stay pretty!


  1. I don't know why my mum hates smell of masks by this brand.. She is like jao jahan se.. he he.. But me & my bro love to pamper our skin with these masks.. Nice review dear :)

  2. I have heard so much about sheet masks but haven't tried yet..It is high time I should use them.. :) :) :)

    1. They make a big difference to your skin! Do try them!

  3. I'd love try these.. nice review dear..

  4. Slide off sheets can be annoying at times


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