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L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer Review

If you have oily skin, you would know how important it is to use a primer. I had been using Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer for a long time ( I had gifted one to my mom too and she is loving it!) and when I saw it reached the bottom of the bottle, I ordered L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer from You can see my post HERE. Primer creates a canvas for your makeup application. It smoothens out the surface of your skin and fill in pores, fine lines and wrinkles thus allowing flawless application of foundation. Today I am going to review L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer that I have been loving a lot these days. It costs Rs 950 and you can BUY ONLINE HERE at an offer price.

It comes in a cute little jar!

Ingredients list!


Comes with a screw top lid!

It is light rosy pink in color!


Look how smooth my skin is looking!

L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer comes in a small glass jar with a screw top lid. It is almost fragrance free and is very silky to the touch. It is light rosy pink in color and has thick creamy texture. Though it looks very thick but it feels very light upon application. It is very easy to apply and blends seamlessly into the skin. Make sure you moisturize your face well before applying primer! The primer gets absorbed into the skin and makes it soft, smooth and moisturized. The foundation blends in easily when I use this primer. My makeup lasts long and I am so glad to inform you that it controls oil as well. 

- Controls oil and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles. It does not feel heavy on skin.
- Contains a mix of silicon oils and powder thus great for oily skin.
- Very lightweight.
- Gets absorbed quickly.
- Suits all skin types.
- Fragrance free.
- Makeup lasts longer and stay fresh throughout the day. I have oily, combination skin and I do not feel the need to do retouch ups!
- All types of foundations can be used over this primer.
- It lightens the redness and skin imperfections.
- Gives a slightly dewy look to the skin.
- Does not breakout my acne prone skin!

- Jar packaging. You need to dip your finger in the tub!
- Contains silica. If you have sensitive skin then you are advisable to do a patch test!
- Pricey for the quantity.

Overall Thoughts:
L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer is definitely one of the BEST primers for oily skin. It makes skin super smooth, controls oil and makes skin look dewy. It feels light and my makeup stays for the longest time. I would happily recommend it to all makeup lovers. Great for oily, dry and normal skin.

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Always apply a moisturizer before applying a primer. 
- If you are planning to stay in the sun for a long time, make sure you apply a sunscreen underneath primer.
- Primers apply well with fingers.
- Apply primer on the areas that have pores, fine lines or where your skin gets oily soon. I concentrate more on the areas around my nose. 
- Use only a pea sized amount of primer.
- Let the primer sink in before proceeding to foundation application.

Do you use primers? What is your favorite one?

Stay pretty!


  1. Awesome review...Megha! Yest itself my friend recommended me this and today u reviewed it. Heard a lot abt this product.. I think i m going to grab it soon.

    1. U ll love this dear! Go ahead and get one for yourself!

  2. Sounds like a great product. I still have to try a primer on my skin.

    1. You must get one. It changes the whole makeup game!

  3. Megha awesome review sweetie.This product is on my wishlist.Have heard so many good things about this one and I am sure it is going to be great.Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  4. This is the only primer I have used so far and I love it a lot. It does the job really well.
    How is this compared to the Revlon one? I was thinking of trying a new one next..

    1. Hi Swati. Where have you been?

      I agree its the best primer i have used! Its better than Revlon. Global Goddess has amazing primer but then availability is an issue!

  5. This one is def pricey wud try the colorbar one i hv heard good reviews about it

    1. It is pricey but it does job so well. The best primer i have tried till date!


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