Thursday, February 18, 2016

Luster Premium Natural Bathing Bars Review

Luster Premium Natural Bathing Bar
Though I love shower gels more than bathing bars but when I read the word “natural” I am all in to test them. Recently I came across a new brand “Luster Cosmetics” that offers premium natural bathing bars in many variants. I got all the variants and was very confused as in which soap to use first! All the bathing bars smells divine and I chose to use “Almond & Honey” variant first. 

Luster Premium Natural Bathing bars* are priced at 45 INR for 75g and 75 INR for 125g. You can BUY ONLINE HERE. Use the coupon code MAB20 to get 20% off on your order!

Luster Cosmetics Bathing Bars
All green in one picture :D
Description & Ingredients
L-R: Pure Neem, Green tea & Mint, Aloe Vera & Neem
All these bars smell divine!
L-R: Rose, Almond & Honey, Jasmine & Sandalwood

The bathing bars comes in 7 variants- Pure Neem, Green Tea & Mint, Aloe Vera & Neem, Rose, Almond & Honey, Jasmine and Sandalwood. All the soaps are round in shape and slightly transparent. They are nicely packaged in white cardboard box packaging with all the information printed at the back. The fragrance is mild and pleasant and makes me feel good even on dull day. I have been using Almond & Honey for the last 15 days (yes it lasts long!) and I must say it makes me feel refreshing even on a hot and dull day. It smells just like “Pears”. The scent fades away within few minutes of rinsing. It lathers up nicely and cleanses the skin well. Though I won’t say it makes my skin very moisturized but it keeps skin soft and healthy.

I have normal skin and I do not feel the need to moisturize my skin post wash (it is hot in Hyderabad!). If you have extremely dry skin then you might need to follow it up with a good body lotion. The ingredients are same in all soaps except their fragrances. I have not faced skin irritations or dryness since the time I am using and I can’t wait to try the rose variant. I love the rose fragrance!

The fragrance of all soaps is wonderful. It does not smell artificial!
Skin feels soft and moisturized post wash!
Cleanses the skin thoroughly.
Lathers well.
• It does not melt fast.
No skin irritations or allergies.
7 variants to choose from!

Might not be moisturizing enough for people with very dry skin.

Overall Thoughts:
Luster Premium Natural Bathing Bars smell wonderful and are a nice addition in my bathroom. These are gentle soaps that makes skin soft and moisturized. I would happily recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
ALWAYS follow it up with a body lotion to keep skin soft and supple.
Keep the soap in soap dish to avoid getting it soggy.
You can use a loofah for gentle scrubbing.

What variant of Luster Premium Natural Bathing bars fascinates you the most? Would you buy them?

Stay pretty!

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