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Lakme Kajal Review

 Lakme Kajal
I believe I am the last person on earth to try Lakme Kajal. I had been so obsessed with my Maybelline Colossal Kajal that I literally did not feel the need to try another kajal. Lakme Kajal was a part of my makeup gifts that I got in my shagun from my in-laws. Honestly you get lots of pampering and gifts when you get engaged *laughs*. As soon as I swatched it on my hands, I was pretty impressed by its rich pigmentation. Lakme kajal is priced at 55 INR and you can buy online HERE.

Lakme Kajal
Swatch of Lakme Kajal
I still remember, as a kid I used to sharpen my mom’s Lakme Kajal. It used to come as a grey, chubby pencil. Lakme Kajal has been popular since many decades. This version is a glossy, black, chubby pencil with a clear lid. 

The formula of the kajal is soft and smooth and glides easily on my waterline. I absolutely love the pigmentation of the kajal. I need only 2 swipes to get rich and dark color. It instantly brightens up my eyes and gives it a nice depth. Considering the price, I do not expect much from this kajal. It stays only few hours on my waterline and tends to smudge. To prevent it from smudging, I apply a powder eye shadow or loose powder under my lower lash lines. The kajal gets accumulated at the inner corners that I absolutely hate. I do not have much watery eyes but I believe it will smudge and accumulate within an hour if you have very watery eyes. I use it only when I need to step out the house for a short time. It definitely needs retouching throughout the day!

Travel friendly packaging. The cap does not tend to lose. 
Superb formula. It glides like a dream!
Rich pigmentation.
Makes eyes look deep and beautiful.

Smudges easily.
The kajal accumulates at the inner corners of eyes.
Needs reapplication!
Sharpening leads to lots of wastage of product. 

Overall Thoughts:
Lakme Kajal is an average kajal with great pigmentation. I totally loved the formula and pigmentation but the staying power is low. It would have been a perfect kajal if it did not smudge much! 

Rating: 3.5/5

My Tips:
Apply an eye shadow below your lower lash line to prevent kajal from smudging.
Though I do not use this trick but I read somewhere that you can apply black powder eye shadow over your kajal to prevent it from smudging.

Have you used Lakme Kajal? What is your favorite kajal?

Stay pretty!

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  1. I have used this kajal earlier and very much agree with your review. I will also add this in my shagun pouch if I gift makeup kit to any body.


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