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Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes Review

Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
If you are a girl who suffers from vaginal infections or wants to stay clean and fresh down there and has not tried Everteen Natural Intimate Wash (Review HERE) then you MUST grab it as soon as possible. It is the "BEST NATURAL INTIMATE WASH" I have ever tried! Recently Everteen launched BRAND NEW “Everteen Natural Intimate Wipes*” that are meant to use when you feel really uncomfortable down there and cannot use Intimate Wash. 

Before starting the review, let me tell you cleaning intimate area with soap or shower gels can upset the intimate skin pH levels that generally lead to infections! Everteen Intimate Wipes are priced at 99 INR and you can buy online HERE. These are 100% natural and biodegradable!

Description of Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Ingredients of Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Wipes are individually wrapped!
Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Half unfolded!
The wipes come individually wrapped and there is no risk of them getting dried when you reach the last wipe. The packaging is indeed very thoughtful. Instead of carrying the full pack, I throw 4-5 wipes in my handbag and I am ready to go! The pack contains 15 wipes that are alcohol free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and pH balanced. It is very simple and girlie. It keeps the wipes discreet looking and makes them look like facial wipes. In order to use the wipes, you just need to tore open the sachet and unfold the wipe. The wipe is white in color which feels very soft to the touch. It is not thin unlike other facial wipes and does not tend to rip while cleansing. It reminds me of Himalaya Baby Wipes. The scent is same as that of Everteen Intimate Wash and makes me feel instantly fresh! Wipe off the external vaginal area from front to back gently and dispose it off in the bin. As the wipes are slightly damp, they feel cool when wiping out area but give a fresh and clean feeling. 

The wipes are particularly used when you are on menstruation, before and after s*x, after urination or as and when you want to feel clean down there especially during summer season or traveling! 

The wipes comes individually wrapped so there is no fear of them getting dried out.
Refreshing floral scent.
They are perfectly damp and not dripping wet.
pH balanced and dermatologic ally tested.
100% natural wipes.
You can carry 2-3 wipes in your bag instead of carrying the whole box.
Reasonably priced.
Makes me feel fresh and clean down there.


Overall Thoughts:
I am going to give Everteen natural Intimate Hygiene wipes full points. They are natural and do a wonderful job. They are good for the price, travel friendly and deliver great results. They are definitely “hygiene on the move”. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to all girls and ladies!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
Do not flush the wipes!
Carry the whole pack when you are out for traveling.
Use the wipes on the external vagina area!
I don’t use these wipes on daily basis but love carrying it with me whilst traveling.

Have you tried Everteen Natural Intimate Wipes?

Stay pretty!

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