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Becoming Lisette by Rebecca Glenn Review

Becoming Lisette by Rebecca Glenn
I am totally enjoying the monsoon season. The best way to enjoy this season is to eat and read *winks*. Though I am not fond of historical fiction books but Becoming Lisette* is just exceptional. It is one of the best historical novels I have read in a long time. It is priced at $12.99 and you can buy online HERE. I got the eBook version on Kindle so I do not have pictures of the book. 

Becoming Lisette is a historical fiction novel that revolves around a pretty girl Lisette who has a passion for oil painting. After completing her torturous schooling from Convent, she came back to her home only to find that her parents were more concerned about her marriage than her dream to become a famous painter. Right from childhood she has a huge passion for painting and had learnt a lot from her father who was a famous guild painter. After her father’s sudden death, Lisette wanted to support her mother and brother financially by selling off her paintings but before she could do that, her mother unexpectedly married a wealthy merchant jeweler Le Sevre. Lisette’s life changed when her step father started controlling her life. 

The story is described in 18th century Paris and the restrictions that were made on women. It is very engaging and the art has been beautifully described by the author. It moves quickly and the story was not at all predictable. I totally loved the character of Lisette and Amante, a young dashing army officer, who helped Lisette in achieving her dream to become a famous painter in male dominated society. It is definitely a page turner book and I looked forward to reading the sequel.

If you love historical yet interesting books then it is for you.
There was suspense in each chapter.
Available as both paperback and eBook on Kindle.
Reasonably priced.
Art was described beautifully.


Overall Thoughts:
Becoming Lisette is one of the most interesting and engaging historical fiction books I have read. It depicts the story of a girl who dreams to become a successful painter in a male dominated society and how cleverly and skillfully she achieved her goals. A worth reading book!

Rating: 5/5

Which book are you currently reading?

Stay pretty!

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