Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moheda Linnea Wooden Clog Review

Moheda Linnea Wooden Clog
I love wearing simple and comfortable shoes. I realized I have not featured any shoes or footwear on my blog. Moheda is Swedish shoes brand that provides high quality shoes and clogs for both men and women. I chose the pattern Linnea which has floral print over it and looks very pretty and feminine. The clogs are priced at $45 and you can buy online HERE.

The box
Moheda Linnea Wooden Clog
I totally loved the floral print
The heels
Cards and some pills like things to keep shoes odorless

Moheda wooden shoes* are made from real wood while the upper white section is made from leather. I totally loved the floral print on the clog as it looks very delicate and feminine. The underneath of the clog is made from a textured rubber material which has slight embossed lines that allows grip on smooth surface.

The clog has 5cm heel and you can walk comfortably with absolutely no hassle. It comes in different sizes from 24 to 41 so there is a size for everyone. The upper area of the clog is quite smooth and comfortable and does not leave mark on skin while walking. The floral print on the shoes makes it all the more beautiful. I love wearing them with my short floral dresses or white top and black jeans. They indeed stand out and are definitely noticeable. They do have the best grip and do not tend to slip on smooth surface.

The clogs are comfortable to wear but since they do not have elastic to hold feet, my feet do not feel fully supported. You do need a bit of practice to get hold of them. I particularly wear them when I do not have to walk a lot. I have been wearing them since 20 days and I have not seen any signs of wear and tear or any sort of discomfort. As these are wooden shoes, I make sure not to wear them when it is pouring outside. The design of the clogs will definitely appeal to everyone. It definitely is unique and feminine.

•    Pretty and feminine design.
•    Comfortable and easy to wear.
•    Last long.
•    Though there is no cushion in the inner sole but they still feel comfortable.
•    Look very pretty with short dresses and black skinny jeans.
•    Various sizes available.
•    Varieties to choose from.
•    Moheda provides International shipping.

•    Pricey.

Overall Thoughts:
Moheda Wooden Clogs are definitely the stylish and feminine shoes I own. They not only look pretty but feel comfortable too. Though the shoes are pricey but they will last really long with good care. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

Do you love wearing wooden clogs?

Stay pretty!

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