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Kawaii Surprises Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets Review

Kawaii Surprises Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets
If you have oily skin then you must know how important it is to carry oil blotting sheets in your bag each time you step out in this humid, hot weather. If you love cute items from Japan then you must visit Kawaii Surprises. They really have super cute items and I really want to grab everything I see there *winks*. Today I am going to review Kawaii Surprises Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets* that come in really cute and attractive packaging. They cost $2.20 that is indeed a fair price for 50 sheets and you can buy online HERE.

Kawaii Surprises Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets
Can anybody please translate?
Super cute kitty <3
Kawaii Surprises Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets
 Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheets come in a super cute hello kitty cardboard box packaging with all the information printed at the back in Japanese language. As soon as you lift the lid, you will find a 3D pop ups of super cute Hello Kitties and bows. There is a slot from where you can take out blotting sheets with ease. If you love kitties then you will surely want to grab these blotting sheets. I love flaunting it among my friends *laughs*.

The blotting sheets are rectangular in shape and are made of thin paper. They are kept folded in the case. Instead of taking the sheet out from slot, I take it directly by opening the slot *lazy me*. The blotting sheets are quite thin (not that they will rip the moment you use them!) and easy to use. They are smooth to the touch and sit nicely on the skin. I have oily T-zone and I just press them onto my nose, forehead and chin. If you have makeup on then make sure not to rub them onto your skin. The sheet absorbs oil and dirt off the skin and my skin looks great and normal. Well I do not say it takes all oil and shine but it does help in toning down the shine to make you look fresh and not greasy. They do not smudge my makeup and keep the foundation looking good for a long time. They do not have any scent so if you are sensitive to fragranced products then these are for you.

•    Comes in a very cute and attractive packaging.
•    Easy to use.
•    The sheets sit nicely on the skin and mould accordingly.
•    Do not tend to rip whilst using.
•    Absorb oil and dirt off the skin.
•    Do not smudge makeup.
•    Must have if you have oily skin.
•    Reasonably priced.
•    Kawaii Surprises provides International shipping so everyone can purchase :).

•    None.

Overall Thoughts:
Oil blotting sheets are must haves for my oily skin. They help me in keeping my skin fresh and shine free throughout the day in this humid weather. If you have oily skin like mine then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
•    Make sure you just press the sheet onto your skin to absorb oil.
•    Do not rub the sheet else it would take off your foundation.
•    Do not reuse the sheets. They are one time use only.

Do you use oil blotting sheets? What is your favorite brand?

Stay pretty!

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