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Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review

Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
Massage Oil has become a must have for my skin in this winter’s extreme weather. It leaves your skin super soft, smooth, extra hydrated and healthy. Nature’s Lap is an Indian natural skincare brand and if you read my blog regularly you would know how much I love their rose water. Today I am going to review Nature’s Lap Massage Oil.

Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
Price: 250 INR

Net vol: 50ml

Nature’s Lap says-
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review

MBT says-
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil comes in a small clear plastic bottle with a white flip top lid. The packaging comes fully sealed in a plastic wrapper to ensure that it has not been opened or used. It is travel friendly and can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of spillage or leakage. The oil is light yellow in color with lovely floral scent. Though I could not exactly identify the scent but it has lovely geranium fragrance. The scent is light and would not cause headaches.

The consistency of the massage oil is just perfect. It is neither very thick nor very thin. I simply pour small amount of oil onto my palms and rub it all over my body. It gets absorbed very quickly and does not sit on the surface. I do not feel the need to rub it for a long time. The scent is super gorgeous and instantly soothes my mind. I then take a warm shower and voila my skin feels super soft, smooth, silky and radiant. My skin had never looked this glowing before. It improves the skin texture drastically. I have normal body skin but it will work well on all skin types in this harsh winter. The massage oil contains olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil that are effective in keeping skin extra moisturized and healthy. It will last long as only a small quantity is needed each time. It can be used on face, lips and body. As I have acne prone skin, I usually avoid using oils on my face. The oil is also effective in treating acne scars, fine lines and dark patches. The scent stays for few minutes after that it fades away. It is definitely light massage oil that does not make me feel like an oil factory.

Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil Review
• Light consistency.
• Gets absorbed easily.
• Easy to apply.
• Lovely and soothing scent.
• A mixed blend of various oils.
• Easy to wash off.
• Does not leave greasy residue behind but gets absorbed into the skin.
• Makes skin super soft, silky and radiant.
• Cruelty free.
• Calms the senses and tensed muscles.
• Reasonably priced.
• Easily available.

• I feel quantity is less for the price but it lasts really long as each time you need small quantity of oil.

Overall Thoughts:
Nature’s Lap Massage Oil is a great massage oil to keep your skin soft, smooth, silky and moisturized. It feels light on skin and does not leave a residue behind. The scent is relaxing and instantly makes me feel to use it. It contains all natural and good ingredients that keep skin in perfect condition. I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Nature’s Lap Massage Oil? How was your experience? Do you use massage oils? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

Disclaimer: The item was sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my own honest and personal experience with the product.

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