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Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review

Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
Bajaj Nomarks has recently launched its new range that is available for all skin types- oily, dry and normal. Though I was aware of Nomarks but have never got the chance to use it. I had been suffering from acne for around 2-3 years. I get one or two acne after every 4 months and what I hate the most about them are the marks left by them. Bajaj Nomarks came on the right time to rescue my skin. I had already reviewed Bajaj Nomarks exfoliating scrub, neem face wash, oil control soap and face pack here on my blog. Today I am going to review Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Rs 85*.

Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review 
Bajaj Nomarks says-
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
MBT says-
Bajaj Nomarks Cream comes in a pretty bright yellow cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The actual product comes in a bright yellow squeezable tube with a white screw top lid. The color of the packaging is quite bright and stands out on my vanity. The tube can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of leakage. The cream is light beige in color with a lovely and pleasant scent. The fragrance is noticeable only when you apply the cream and vanishes away after few minutes.

The cream has soft and smooth texture with creamy consistency. I simply apply dots all over my face and neck and rub it in gently using my fingertips. It applies smoothly and spreads easily. It gets absorbed quickly and makes my skin smooth and matte. My skin feels soft, smooth and thoroughly hydrated the whole day. I love using it prior foundation as it keeps my face matte and does not make it greasy (especially T zone!) at the end of the day unlike other creams. Though the cream is meant for oily skin but it keeps my dry skin moisturized throughout the day (in winters my skin turns dry!). It is enriched with organic actives enriched ingredients like aloe vera, embolic and lemon prevent marks and occurrence of pimples. It lightens my pimple marks after continuous usage for about 3 weeks. It provides sun protection due to the presence of herbal micronutrients so I always skip my sunscreen when I step out in the sun. The company has also claimed that the visible effects can be seen after 4 weeks. My skin looks more even and radiant. I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using it. 

Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review

Soft and smooth texture.
Creamy consistency.
Gets absorbed quickly.
Lovely mild scent.
Makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized.
Fades marks making skin even and clear.
Gives a lovely radiance to the skin.
Reduces pimples.
Suits all skin types.
Provides matte finish and sun protection.
Reasonably priced.
Easily available.
Travel friendly packaging.

Contains parabens.

Overall Thoughts:
Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin is the best cream to try if you are suffering from pimple marks and uneven skin tone. It fades pimple marks and makes skin look clearer and brighter. It makes my skin soft, smooth and moisturized. If you have oily skin, you will love the matte effect it gives to your skin. Though the cream is for oily skin, it works well for my dry skin as well. I would HIGHLY recommend it to people suffering from pimple marks and spots!

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

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  1. Does it removes pimples leftover small holes ? Can i get this cream in kuwait ?

    1. No it does not remove scars! i am not sure about availability in Kuwait!

  2. mam how to get ride darker skin around mouth

  3. Is there any cream to clear pimple scar ??

  4. Does it have any skin effects..when used..for along period of time??


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