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Rise above Fear

Rise above Fear
Fear is that one thing that instantly gives you goose bumps. It stops us from reaching the point of success. Even though you might be the bravest person in front of everyone but still there may be one or more fears that haunt you.

I had always been an active child during my schooldays. I was a brilliant kid in studies and used to participate in all extracurricular activities except dance. Yes dance was one of my biggest fears. Though I never had stage fear but dance gave me goose bumps and I used to hide my face when our teachers used to come in our class to select the candidates. I succeeded in running from my dance fear till 7th standard until one of my favorite teachers wrote my name in the group dance list without my notice. I was dumbstruck when she sternly announced the name of the participants in the class and told that the list was final. Being her favorite student, I ran to her as soon as she left the class and requested her to remove my name. I was sure she would listen to me but unexpectedly she scolded me. I stood there watery eyes. My hands ( and legs!) were trembling just by looking my name in the group dance list. I was waiting for the Mother Earth to swallow me. I could never ever forget that day. I was sleepless the whole night and imagined myself standing like a fool while others were dancing.

Next day I went to school with a heavy heart and of course dark circles. Though the participants in the group dance were known persons but I really did not confront them and went straight away in my classroom. Just 15 minutes before assembly my friends and seniors that were in the dance group list came in the classroom and hugged me. They encouraged me to participate and told me they would teach me to dance in just 15 days. Though I never resisted myself from learning new things but dance was the biggest fear of my life. My body had never been flexible and remembering so many steps made my head spin. 

The practice session started the next day and my friends taught me some easy moves which I instantly picked up. Dance was not that bad as I thought. I practiced every day with my group for a good 5 hours and wow I never knew I could dance so well. I even practiced at my home so as not to forget the steps. There were few steps that I could not pick up easily but with continuous practice I was able to follow them. I used to think my body had never been flexible but nothing is impossible. The whole practice sessions were so fun and we laughed like crazy. My dear friends made me laugh hard with their silly moves. Yes guys you can overcome your fears with buddy system. The D day arrived and I performed very well with my group buddies with absolutely no fear. This made me learn a lesson that “fear is just an illusion of our minds”. Dancing was the most awful thing for me and my friends help overcome my fear by motivating me and making it the awesome thing. If you have courage, you can overcome fear and remember nothing is tough. FEAR means Face Everything And Rise! After that I participated in all dance competitions and won many prizes! 

Don’t forget to watch this awesome video by Mountain Dew!

What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

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