Friday, June 6, 2014

The Nature's Co.: June Updates

Here are the updates from The Nature's Co. and their new launches:

1) June Speical Beauty Wish Box

Strut through the monsoons beautifully with The Nature's Co. June special Beauty Wish Box!

The beautiful monsoon is just upon us, and what a relief it is from the heat and dust! The monsoon, with its cooling showers and winds, gives us the much-needed relief from the scorching summers. We all know that despite the romanticism associated with the monsoons; this season is not really conducive to looking good, as it brings along a lot of  humidity, grime and pollution which is the main culprit for all your skin and hair problems! Angry, oily and irritated skin from the summer topped with the monsoon leads to further aggravation of acne, dull skin, open pores and any infection along your body folds. From skin breakouts, body aches, numbing sensations to brittle and fragile hair, frizziness and fungal infections, there are many beauty woes you need to combat this season.

Since the showers are not too far, it is wise to gear up for the monsoon by investing in rain-specific beauty saviors. The Nature’s Co. yet again simplifies this for you with an array of 6 deluxe products in their Beauty in the Rain, June special Beauty Wish Box. Not letting the weather dampen your mood, get this kit at Rs. 595/- only, along with 35% off Discount Vouchers on full sized products as well as a complimentary spa coupon at TNC stores. Subscribe now @ splurge, as it's going to be one heck of a rainy reason this time!

Don’t let the monsoon blues get you down. Go bold, enjoy the rains as TNC help you to breeze through the coming months and make a splash of the good kind!

2) June Offer: Buy More, Get More!

The Nature’s Co. Buy More and Get More this jubilant June!

Waiting eagerly for the hot & sweltering summers to end, and the relief of the refreshing monsoon showers and breeze to cool your nerves, seems like all what everyone’s thinking about this June. As you are counting days for the cool down to start, here at The Nature’s Co. we have planned to get in the chilled wave from this troubling solstice heat by offering our best at the best rebates!

Get joyful as you buy more and get more at all The Nature’s Co. stores from the 1st of June to the 30th of June!

On purchase of Rs. 1000, get Rs. 200 off
On purchase of Rs. 2000, get Rs. 500 off 
On purchase of Rs. 3000, get Rs. 900 off 
This offer is now live in-stores on customer demand adding on the “Joyful June” element by giving an assured gift of The Nature’s Co. incense sticks, candles and conditioners on every purchase made!  

Don’t wait to experience the euphoria for yourself!

3) World Environment Day celebration at The Nature's Co.!

Cheering for green again, The Nature’s Co., launches their E-Loyalty Card Programme this World Environment Day!

Being a brand who has always believed, strived and encouraged in their small ways to create a bigger change, by adopting eco-friendly schemes, initiating environment saving activities and programmes in many different ways to help salvage and preserve our own Mother Nature, they do it yet again! This has always been adhered to and strongly followed by TNC and their followers through their overarching movement called The Pro-Green Initiative.

On this World Environment Day (5th June), keeping the spirit going, The Nature’s Co. launches “Nature’s Own Club” E-Loyalty Programme, as a way to do their bit in saying a complete NO to plastic loyalty cards and curbing all ways of using non-biodegradable and non recyclable materials in any form. So as you enter nature's abode to discover some of our finest creations and witness the most holistic, wholesome experience of natural, luxurious skin, hair and body products, much kudos to you as you will be a part of supporting this selfless cause. Join in to say no to plastic cards, switch now to e-cards and enjoy the benefits:

  • 12.5% discount on all purchases at any store and added Eco-Barrel discounts and offers.
  • Complimentary Spa on a minimum purchase of Rs. 250 only.

  • 25% discount around your birthday week and surprise gifts.
  • Special preview invitations for new products launch and events. 

The Nature’s Co. also extends an add on incentive for the first 50 members to get the E-Loyalty card on the purchase of Rs. 3000 will be gifted an assured hamper worth Rs. 1500 during the World Environment Day Celebration at their store from the 5th of June to the 8th of June.

Do your bit. Be the change.

4) Go Mango Frenzy before the season ends with The Nature's Co. 

Before our favourite mango season ends, The Nature's Co. lets us all stock on the king of fruits by providing a FLAT 35% off on all their Mango ingredient bath and body products. Truly, going mango frenzy!

Discount available on the below mentioned products:

Mango Creme Body Wash
Rich in vitamins & antioxidant; Restores elasticity ; makes skin healtly & soft; acts as a sun protectant. .

Our delicious and pulpy Mango Creamy Body wash is rich in vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants, which makes your skin healthy and younger. While its emollient properties helps in regeneration of skin cells, restore elasticity and act as a protectant against the sun. The creamy body wash lathers up in the bath or shower

Ingredients: Mango fruit extract ,Sunflower) seed oil ,Vegetable Glycerin.

 Net Wt: 250 ml
 MRP:   Rs. 875.00

Mango Mandarin Body Mist
Fresh & invigorating; Energizing & moisturizing.

Our Mango-Mandarin Body Mist is fresh & invigorating. This rich tropical blend of sweet mango & crisp Mandarin with citrus notes is completely energizing! Mist on this soothing mix with moisturizing Aloe Vera right after a shower or bath. Don’t apply on cuts or inflamed skin. Keep away from flame or high heat.

Ingredients: Blend of essential oil, Aloevera extract, Vitamin - E, Vegetable Glycerine.

Net Wt: 100 ml
MRP:   Rs. 475.00

Mango Body Butter
Rich In vitamins, minerals , anti-oxidants and emollient properties; Skin Regeneration; Protectant against the sun; Gives you soft & nourished skin.

For Normal To Combination SkinSlather on our delicious, pulpy Mango Body Butter. It is rich in vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants. Its emollient properties help regenerate skin cells, restore elasticity, and act as a protectant against the sun. For a soft, nourished skin, apply this rich creamy butter onto skin daily. Massage slowly, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients. Reapply as needed to rough or chapped areas. Enjoy the difference!

Ingredients: Mango extract, Kokum butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive oil.

Net Wt: 200 ml
MRP:   Rs. 1,295.00

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