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Usher in the New Year with exciting New Launches from Iraya

Usher in the New Year with exciting New Launches from Iraya
Fresh Natural Cosmetics

IRAYA, known for its naturally fresh and healthy products, now reaches out to beauty  patrons of India with unparalleled new product offerings. With a “do-me-good” appeal in each formulation, the new wrinkle care range, and night nourishing cream from Iraya visually firms and lifts your skin to make you look as young as ever. The Morning Glory sun-damage repair cream vows to boost luminosity of your skin.

Find the best skincare formulations from Iraya that believe in nature’s own healing process, bestowing lasting beauty from within.

Come, discover the fabulous products!

Spirulina & Arjuna

Night nourishing cream 
Spirulina and Arjuna Night Nourishing Cream
Replenishes and revitalizes the skin 
50 Gm  Rs.695 

A natural emulsion base made up of concentrated extract of  Spirulina, a rich source of proteins, vitamins and vital amino acids, that provides a boost of nutrients. Arjuna extract improves microcirculation leading to a better skin nutrient supply. Grapeseed oil has excellent emollient and moisture locking properties, which keeps the skin supple. This formulation is a powerful nutrifying blend that intensely replenishes & revitalizes when the skin is at its most receptive.

Ginseng Root

Wrinkle Hiding Cream

Breakthrough dual-action formula
Ginseng Root Wrinkle-hiding cream
Conceals wrinkles, Promotes Cellular rejuvenation 

50 Gm  Rs.795

A breakthrough dual-action formulation that visibly reduces wrinkles for younger looking skin. It works both cosmetically (on the surface of the skin) and therapeutically (from within). With concentrated extracts of ginseng  root and alchemilla, it stimulates cellular renewal and energizes skin, enhancing its firmness and elasticity. A powerful antioxidant, ginseng is an adaptogen that strengthens skin’s immunity and resistance to stress, so that signs of ageing are delayed and wrinkles stay away longer.  Alchemilla promotes skin healing and healthy growth.

Indian Kapok

Wrinkle eye cream
Indian Kapok Wrinkle Eye Cream
Conceals  imperfections & rejuvenates the delicate undereye area.
20Gm  Rs.595 

This cream performs a dual function of treating dark circles & wrinkles as well as concealing the under eye area. Lotus seed contains protein repairing enzymes and Indian kapok, a powerful skin healing agent, intensely nourishes. Antioxidant properties of bramhi, ginseng & alchemilla aid tissue firming & fight against the signs of aging. 

Morning Glory

Sun-Damage Repair Cream
Morning Glory Sun-damage Repair Cream
Lightens uneven pigmentation, excessive tanning & dark spots
50 GM  Rs.795

Excessive exposure to the Sun, could lead to uneven pigmentation and a blotchy skin tone. Glycosidic resins present in Nishoth (Morning Glory) and the powerful renewing properties of Arjuna help correct these skin tone irregularities.  Kojic acid is extremely beneficial in controlling melanocytes to keep level of melanin in control. Regular use reduces dark spots & refines skin texture to reveal enhanced radiance and a healthy skin tone.

About Iraya
The Iraya brand of beauty and wellness products was launched in 2006 by Sadatan Pure Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Sadatan has been manufacturing and exporting beauty and wellness products for over 20 years in highly evolved beauty markets like France, Italy, Russia and the US. Founded by Rahul Kale and Neepa Chatterjee, Iraya is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise- perfect synergies for the modern day consumer.
Today Sadatan conducts R&D and manufactures its own brand IRAYA with world famous tried and tested beauty formulations. At present, IRAYA has become the favorite beauty and wellness brand for leading Hotel and Spas groups in India and international markets. IRAYA Spa products are popular for administering therapies in the Spa and also for retail through exclusive and well-known Spas across the world.


  1. I want to try their eye cream ....thanks for sharing dear :)

  2. I have been eyeing their eye cream for a year and a half now I guess but couldn't find it earlier on online stores and later forgot about it. Thanks for reminding. Would love to try it :)


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