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OPI Shatter Nail Polish Black Review & NOTD

OPI Shatter Nail Polish Black Review & NOTD
Black nail polish is a staple nail color in my stash. It makes everything so simple. You can sport it with any outfits. You can do all sorts of nail art designs over any color. OPI nail polishes have always been my favorite. Today I am going to discuss my experience with OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish.
opi shatter nail polish

Price: 670 INR

Net vol: 15ml

Available at: Online shopping websites.

OPI says-

MBT says-
OPI Shatter nail polish comes in a round, clear glass bottle with a black lid which shows the silver shattered effect on it. The packaging looks attractive and elegant. The lid is smooth and enables a comfortable grip when applying to the nails. The brush is a bit wide and fewer strokes are required for a nice shattered look. The bristles of the brush are quite soft and apply nail polish smoothly without brushing along the skin. The nail polish can be securely carried around in a makeup bag without any fear of leakage.

The formula of the nail polish is quite thick. I actually got scared and thought it has been dried up. But I was wrong. The thick formula gives an enhanced shattered effect with just a single coat. The shatter nail polish can be used over any shade you want. I applied it on a yellow base color to get a chic and funky look. Make sure that the base coat dries completely. The nail paint feels a bit dry and clumpy whilst application so I make sure to apply it away from the fan. I usually apply nail polish gently with an even layer. It takes few seconds to split and gives a nice shattered and crackled effect. If you apply too thinly, it does not give a proper shattered effect. Do not apply second coat as it would look like normal nail paint and would not give patterned effect. The nail polish takes few minutes to dry completely. It gives a matte finish and lasts for a good 4-5 days without chipping. To get a glossy and shiny effect, apply a top coat. The nails polish feels slightly uneven whilst touching but I really do not mind as it is not uncomfortable. With a top coat, it can be smoothed out.

My nails look chic, funky and nicely textured. If you are not into nail arts then this shatter polish is definitely for you. Black compliments all shades really well and looks good with all outfits. It looks great on both long and short nails. Removal of the nail polish is not very simple. It does take time to remove completely with my nail polish remover wipes but I really do not complain (You have four layers over your nails!). My only grumble is its thick formula. I am skeptical if it would last for more than 6 months. Pouring few drops of thinner looks the only solution to me!

shatter nail polish
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
black nail polish
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
opi black shatter nail polish review
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
black nail polish
OPI Shatter Nail Polish ‘Black’ Review & NOTD
Easy to apply.
Gives a patterned and shattered effect within seconds.
Gives matte finish.
Quality product.
Spreads easily.
Needs a single coat.
Dries easily.
Comes in a variety of shades.

The nail paint has thick formula.

Overall Thoughts:
OPI black shatter nail polish is a great addition to the collection by OPI. It gives a nice shattered effect to the nails without looking dodgy. It is easy to apply and dries within few minutes. If you are bored of your plain nails, I would definitely recommend this nail polish to you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stay Pretty!

Disclaimer: The product was sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my own honest and personal experience with the product. 


  1. i simply love shatter nail paints. lovely notd

  2. Awesome babes, your hands are looking really pretty and this shade is just wow, amazing :)

  3. Its a beauty ..!! Stunning NOTD sweets <3 I'm drooling over those pix - Lovely combo dear :)

  4. Love the crackle effect! Great NOTD :)

  5. Ahhh! Your nails are just lovely <3<3

  6. Wow...It's amazing....but the price...uffffff/

  7. I havent tried the shatter nailpaints yet.. but love them totally.. superb NOTD dear.. :)

  8. SO SEXY! Love the combo! Wish I had nails like yours! :D

  9. It looks so nice and popping used with yellow! I so want oto try this out :)

    1. U ll love it Swati. It comes in many colors :)

  10. that is so beautiful.. these polishes are such a trend now :)


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