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The Future of Shopping in 2030

The most important need for a woman is SHOPPING

Indeed shopping is one thing that makes a girl forget almost all her sorrows in a jiffy. We feel relaxed and relieved when we do shopping- be it online or in a mall. I bet that each and every girl out there will agree with me. Although online shopping has eased the pain of going or dragging ourselves to the malls or stores but there are still many things that I wish to see or imagine in the year 2030.

Cosmetics Shopping

Don’t u hate the unhygienic testers at the counters? Have you wondered how it would feel when you get all the makeup brands at one place? It would be so easy to choose a particular product from all the brands without visiting each counter or store. This is how I imagine myself in 2030 at a makeup store.

Me: I would like to buy a peachy pink blush for me.
Sales Assistant: Sure Madam. Please come along with me.

The SA takes me to a big screen which is called ‘Trial Makeup Screen’ wherein I am being asked to sit in front of it. I could see myself on the screen as if I am looking in the mirror. The SA then entered the shade of the blush and voila I could see all the peachy pink shades from all brands on the screen.

Me: Hey I would like to try 'MAC Peachy Pataka'.

The SA taps on the MAC Peachy Pataka and I could see the shade on the apple of the cheeks.

Me: I love the shade. Please pack this for me.
SA: Please pay the bill and collect your bag at the exit of the mall.

*I hate carrying bags with me in the mall.*

Apparels Shopping

I love buying clothes from malls and stores but most of the times I had to waste my time waiting in queue at trial rooms. I had always wished there was an easier way to try out the dresses we like without any hassle of waiting and trying.

My imagination of apparel shopping in 2030 is:

I enter into the store and stand in front of a lookalike mirror ‘Try Me Screen’ where you are given option to choose from the categories of clothing like tops, shirts, legging, kurtas, sarees etc, size of your waist and few other details. You can see yourself in the screen and as soon as you tap on the dress you can see yourself wearing the dress with the actual fittings. You would just need to pay the bill and collect the bags from the exit.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the latest trends these days but there are many things that I would like to imagine when I would do shopping in 2030.
1. Cash on delivery in both metro and non metro cities.
2. Virtual software in case of cosmetics section that includes the options of choosing skin tones, skin types etc. It would let you know how a particular shade would look on different skin tones.
3. Doing grocery shopping in just 1 click with home delivery facility. There should also be an option of returns in case you are not satisfied with the product.
4. Free shipping above 200 INR at all places in India
5. Delivery via Air with no extra charges.
6. Android and iOS app for eBay and all shopping sites so that one can shop via mobile.

Shopping while watching TV

In 2030, you can shop while watching TV. There would be an option of 'Buy Now' whenever you see advertisement of any product. There would also be an option of shopping in the menu wherein you can shop and order all the things that are new in the market with fast home delivery facility.

International Shopping

I hate when I see huge shipping charges on the international shopping websites that I love. In 2030, I would like to get myself indulged in few of these changes:
1. A card named ‘Global Shopping Card’ will be issued to all the shopping lovers wherein the user have to pay minimal amount to avail the facility of free shipping.
2. The user of the card would not be charged any custom duties or taxes.

This is how I imagine my shopping in 2030. Hope my imaginations come true!

What are your imaginations for shopping in 2030? Share in the comments below!

Stay Pretty!

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  1. Such a lovely post sweety :) I really hope all this comes true.... You'll surely win this :D
    Love you,

  2. :D I really loved the post and your imagination dear!! :D Best of luck!! :)

  3. What a thought, I really loved your imagination.. May it come true especially the try me screen:)

  4. I really wish shopping were as easy as that. It would make it so much more easier. Right now am busy shoe shopping for something I can't find!! If only this was in present day. Great thoughts, Megha! :) Good luck

  5. Wow, very interesting post, thanks for sharing. I think your visions are close to the future reality! ;)

  6. This Imagination of Yours If Came Real, Would Make Life Easy of a Lot of People!

    Hope You Win \:D/

  7. Love your imagination, Very very interesting post Megha. I think your visions are close to the future reality <3 Nice post girl <3

  8. Great thoughts dear ! I wish your imagination comes true in near future :) :)

  9. He he :P I hope it comes true, especially the virtual mirrors ;) <3

  10. ha ha..i loved the post dear...hope ur wishes come true sweetie..<3
    u r such a sweethrt meghu :*

    my recent one :

  11. This is really awesome Megha :)
    All the best :)

  12. Incredible post! You have an awesome imagination, Megha. Do wish your dream comes true. All us shoppers would love it! :)

    1. hahaha yeah i wish these all come true. Glad u liked it :)

  13. hope this happens soon Megha.. esp international brands toh we all lust for... nice write up :)

  14. Yes, definitely future of online shopping will be bright and the trends of online shopping in India is increasing day by day. Really a good descriptive and informative post Megha.

  15. Woow.. kudos to ur imagination.. loved this post!!
    wish it comes true.. :)

  16. cosmetic testers .... gaaaah!
    ive had to use expired ones many times .. this 2030 will be bliss

  17. Wow interesting. nice thinking..


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