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Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Kit Review

I love using different bath products and rarely stick to one. I really get bored if I keep using one particular product more than once. What do I look for in a shower gel while purchasing? Obviously smell and sometimes attractive packaging! I prefer shower gels over body washes as they are gentle and make my skin super soft and smooth. Today I am going to discuss with you my experience with Anatomicals and Asos Refreshes The Parts shower gel kit.

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Kit Review

Price: £5

Net vol: 500ml

Available at: asos.com

ASOS says-
The company seems to be fun loving!

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Review

MBT says-

Anatomicals and Asos Refreshes The Parts Kit consists of two shower gels- Orange Blossom and White Lily. The shower gels come packaged in a pretty pink cardboard box. There is a plastic tray which holds both the shower gels well. The packaging is unique, eye-catching and travel friendly.  The bottles can carried individually in a handbag without any fear of leakage.

Orange Blossom Shower Gel:

Orange Blossom Shower Gel comes in a tall vivid orange sturdy plastic bottle with a bright yellow screw lid.  The lid has a section at the top which you need to press in order to reveal a small hole for dispensing the product.

The scent of the shower gel is citrus-y orange (I love citrus fragrances!) and instantly refreshes me up. It is mild, pleasant and won’t bother sensitive noses. It is a clear gel with a smooth texture. The consistency of the gel is perfect. It is neither too thick nor too runny. Despite its perfect consistency, I feel I need to squirt quite a lot of product on my shower scrunchie to make a decent lather. The lather feels really soft, smooth, refreshing and gentle on the skin. Even after using a lot of product the lather disappears rather quickly unlike other shower gels.

Due to the smooth texture, the shower gel applies easily onto my skin and removes all dirt and impurities. It is easy to rinse off and doesn't leave sticky residue behind. My skin feels soft, smooth and clean. The fragrance disappears as soon as the product is rinsed away which is a big con for me as I prefer bath products that lingers with me for at least half an hour. The shower gel doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or itchy and I think it would suit all skin types.

White Lily Shower Gel:

White Lily Shower Gel comes in a sky blue bottle. It is different from that of Orange Blossom only in terms of scent and lather. The smell of this shower gel is slightly weird (I couldn't exactly describe the fragrance!) yet subtle. With this shower gel I need to squirt only a small amount onto my bath scrunchie and it lathers pretty well. The lather doesn't disappear quickly unlike Orange Blossom.

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Review

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Review

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Review

Anatomicals and ASOS Refreshes The Parts Review: Swatch

        ·       Attractive packaging.
        ·       Soft and smooth texture.
        ·        Perfect consistency.
        ·       Orange blossom has a nice, refreshing smell.
        ·       Makes skin super soft, smooth and clean.
        ·       Lathers well.
        ·       Doesn't leave sticky residue behind.
        ·       Doesn't dry out the skin.
        ·       Suits all skin types.
        ·       Easy to rinse off.
        ·       Reasonably priced.
        ·       Travel friendly.

        ·    Lather disappears rather quickly and a lot of product is needed to make decent lather in case of Orange Blossom.
        ·       Fragrance does not linger which is really disappointing.
        ·       White Lily has slightly weird smell.
        ·       Not available in India.

Overall Thoughts
Anatomicals and Asos Refreshes The Parts Kit comes with two shower gels namely Orange Blossom and White Lily. Orange Blossom shower gel has a nice citrus-y scent but vanishes away as soon as it is rinsed off. I need quite a lot of product to make decent lather and the lather disappears quickly resulting in more product usage. White Lily shower gel has a slightly weird yet subtle fragrance but only a small amount is needed for a decent lather. My skin feels super soft, smooth and clean with both the shower gels. They neither irritate my skin nor make it dry. The only thing which is really disappointing for me is that the scent doesn't stay on my skin which I do expect in my bath products. If you don’t like fragrances in your bath products you can definitely give it a try as it will make your skin super soft and smooth.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried Anatomicals and Asos Refreshes The Kit? Which is your favorite shower gel? Share in the comments below!

Stay pretty!


  1. 5 pounds for 5oo ml!! That's just a steal!

  2. packaging is very attractive.. I wish they would lather more.. i felt a bath is incomplete if soap/gel doesn't lather much...

    1. Yeah packaging is eye catching....I too felt the same and specially the fragrance should last long.

  3. seems like a pretty good product....
    but not available here :(

    1. Asos products are pretty cheap. I wish they are available here in India.

    2. They ship worldwide for free Megha, so you can order to India!

    3. Yeah they provide worldwide free shipping but i still wish if the products are available here. I had once lost my package so skeptical of going for international shopping. :(

  4. Such a great review and I'm loving the bold colored packaging! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...yours is lovely! :)

    1. Yup packaging is super attractive.
      Thanx a lot dear!

  5. These are so cute n colorful! :D


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