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Benefits of Orange Peel Powder for Skin ft. Stamio

I still remember, my mom used to make orange peel powder for my face masks when I started getting pimples. Oh the wonderful, refreshing scent and the glow it gives after wash. After marriage, I stopped using DIYs especially making the powders out of herbs and other things. Recently I tried many herbal powders from Stamio and that made me realize that natural powders do make a difference to your skin but they do take their own time. Today I am going to review Stamio Orange Peel Powder* that I have been using for the last 3 months!

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Stamio Orange Peel Powder comes in a transparent, thin plastic jar with a black screw top lid. As soon as you open it, it is sealed to ensure you get a fresh product. The powder is filled to the brim and all the information about it is written on the jar. It is super fine and is not abrasive at all. It has mild orange peel fragrance that is refreshing. It has no added colors or fragrance.

Benefits of Orange Peel Powder

How to Use Stamio Orange Peel Powder?

DIY orange peel powder face masks for glowing skin

This is my way of using this orange peel powder to get bright, healthy skin. Take equal quantities of sandalwood powder and orange peel powder, Take little hibiscus powder and make a paste using nettle hydrosol and rose water! Apply it on your skin for 5-10 minutes and rinse it off! Use it once a week!

As a bath powder/Orange peel powder as a natural exfoliant

Mix green gram powder, kasturi manjal and orange peel powder. Use it instead of soap and your skin will love you! It is moisturizing and does not strip off of moisturizer. this bath powder is amazing for people who are suffering from eczema and other skin diseases!

As a face wash

Mix powdered oats, besan, rice flour, coffee grounds and orange peel powder. Make a paste using rose water. It nourishes the skin and make it clearer and healthier. One of my friends swears by this face wash for her dry skin!

Face Pack for Dry Skin

Mix multani mitti, orange peel powder and make a paste with curd. It is superb for dry skin people and helps bring a beautiful glow to the skin. It can also be used as a pre bridal treatment.


My skin feels clear and radiant after 2 usages and I have been using consistently once a week since then. It has become my favorite face pack and does not give me breakout. 

Is it worth buying?

Yes I loved it and would recommend everyone to buy it! Perfect when you have less time but want to look fresh.

Can we apply orange peel powder on face daily?

No orange peel powder makes skin sensitive so it is advisable to use it once or twice a week. Do not forget to apply sunscreen.

What can I mix with orange peel powder for skin whitening?

Well i do not support skin whitening but mixing it mulethi powder reduces tan!

Is orange peel powder vitamin C?

Yes it has vitamin c and antioxidants!

Overall Thoughts:

If you are looking for a natural face that is easy to make and gives glow to the skin then i would suggest you to add orange peel powder in your face pack or make it as I stated above. I am sure you will love the results. 

Do you like orange peel powder?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. I really like the way you use orange peel powder in your face wash. I have to try it!


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