Tuesday, February 28, 2023

My Fab Five Feb 2023

I have got many emails regarding starting the current favorites series and here I am revamping with the name "Fab Five". I will be sharing with you my 5 most loved skincare and makeup items that I thoroughly enjoyed using and can recommend to anyone with my skin type. Without further ado, let's get started :)

1. Samer Khouzami Divine Matt Liquid Foundation

This has been my most used foundation ever. I literally can't stop raving about it. The day i got it, i am totally in love with it. I feel it is just made for me. It has the perfect coverage, formula, shade range, staying power. It has everything that a foundation should have. I have 2 shades- SK 25 AND SK 35. i mix them and the shade looks just awesome on me. Highly highly recommended!

2. Nutriglow Naturals Raw Irish Coffee Face Wash

It has been my favorite face wash since 2 months. My skin has been clear sine the time i am using it. It leaves my skin super clean yet moisturizing. The smell is good and if you love coffee, it will become your fav! I have dry, acne prone skin and it is a superb cleanser that you can rely on for clear skin. For Rs 350, it lasts really long!

3. Sadhev Rose Water

Honestly speaking, initially i did not have high hopes from this rose water as had heard off reviews from many bloggers and on Amazon but surprisingly, it works like a charm on my sensitive skin. After cleansing my face, I simply spray it all over my face and neck and the moisturizing it gives to my skin is pure love. My skin literally glows! The smell is good too. Other than the price, I loved everything about this rose water and i use it every single day!

4. Garnier Micellar Water (Pink Bottle)

I use this micellar water a lot and it is just too good in removing makeup and sunscreen. I used to love Bioderma micellar but since the day, I tried Garnier micellar water, my skin wants to be cleaned with this micellar water only. It is gentle to the skin and removes makeup effectively without burning the skin. I am on my second bottle and it is such a skin savior for me!

5. Blend it Raw Apothecary Hibiscus Powder

I love adding it to my face masks. Though i am not sure if this alone is responsible for clear and glowing skin but it does reduce spots and marks. It is 100% pure and comes in glass jar that I absolutely love! I also suggested Blend it Raw Apothecary Hibiscus Powder to my friend and it has worked wonders on her hair fall. She boils coconut oil with hibiscus powder and voila her magic hair oil is ready. 

What are your current favorites? Also do let me know your favorite rose water and micellar water in the comments section!

Stay Pretty  & Loads of 💓!


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