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Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review

Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
These days, I am rarely using chemicals on my hair! Pregnancy sometimes makes you look beautiful and sometimes like an old lady! I am loving my hair as they are behaving very nicely! Today I am going to review Moha Herbal Hair Serum that I have been using whenever I need to go out and believe me it is very mild!

Moha Herbal Hair Serum costs Rs 135 for 30ml! BUY ONLINE

Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
Moha Herbal Hair Serum comes housed in a colorful and soothing cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it! The actual product comes in a small plastic bottle with a flip top lid! Though the bottle looks small but it lasts really long! I have been using it for a month and it has still not gone half way through! It is perfect to carry whilst traveling!

Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
Moha Herbal Hair Serum Review
The formula of the hair serum is thin gel like but it is very light and does not weigh down your hair! The fragrance is very soothing and I love it whilst application! My hair smells really good whenever I apply it! I simply apply 1-2 drops of it after shower to the lengths of my damp hair and it makes my hair soft, smooth and tangle free! It gives a bit of shine to the hair! It contains flax seed oil which is rich in nutrients and reduces clumping of strands! Hibiscus oil nourishes the hair and white lily keeps the dandruff away! Do not apply it on scalp as it may weigh down your hair or causes dandruff!

- Travel friendly packaging!
- Refreshing fragrance!
- Makes hair soft, smooth and tangle free!
- Gives a bit of shine to the hair!
- Does not weigh down the hair!
- Hair feels very soft to the touch!
- Does not cause hairfall!
- Herbal & cruelty free.
- Reasonably priced!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very happy with Moha Herbal Hair Serum. It is mild and gives my hair a nice, smooth look! It is quite light and does not feel sticky or makes hair oily! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

What is your favorite hair serum?/

Stay Pretty & Loads of πŸ’“!


  1. It seems a very nice product. I think that you do very well in not using chemicals on your hair and body during pregnancy, this is why I know you will be a perfect mum! A mother that worries for the health of her child before he/she is born will certainly be a great mother.
    Wish you a Happy New Year and a beautiful afternoon!

  2. Never try herbal hair serum amazing 😍and no cons then I will surely try .is this easily available in stores??

    1. I haven't seen them in stores. U can buy from Amazon!!!

  3. Nice review,..Even I'm staying away from chemical loaded products,.. using mainly home remedies for almost everything

    1. I use mostly organic and paraben free products!!!

  4. Nice prod
    Herbal serum
    Thts nice
    So useful

  5. Thanks for this one. Sounds promising.


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