Monday, September 11, 2017

Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop

Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop
It's been a long time since I did a post on handbags! I love handbags a lot and each time I find a new, stylish handbag, I make sure to grab it during a sale! Recently I came across a new online shopping website- Yoshop! The best thing about Yoshop is it provides free worldwide shipping! Don't know why, but I literally hate paying for shipping charges! I ordered this wonderful set of handbags from Yoshop and I must say I was pretty happy with my decision!

The bag set costs $37.09/ Rs 2300 approx (after discount!). It is currently out of stock but you can find similar ones on the website! BUY ONLINE

The set comes with 4 pieces- one large tote bag, one sling bag, one smaller sling bag/ clutch and a key holder! I absolutely loved the design and the quality of the bags! They are of very high quality and I have been using them for months without noticing wear or tear! The bags are made of PU material!
Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop
The tote bag can be used as a handbag or a sling bag by attaching the strap on the sides! The bag has zipper enclosure and looks very expensive and sophisticated! It has only one compartment but I must say it is quite spacious and can be used whilst traveling. There are also 2 internal zipper pockets and 2 compartments for holding mobiles or other small items! There is also an external zipper pocket at the back where you can keep your receipts or mints!

Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop
The sling bag is smaller than the tote bag and I carry it when I do not need many items in my bag! The zipper is of very good quality and opens and closes very easily! It also has an external zipper pocket! I actually love the detailing on the bag!

Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop
The clutch is slightly smaller than the sling bag! It can either be used as a clutch or a sling bag! You can attach the straps on the sides if you want to use it as a sling bag! I usually use it when I have to go for shopping. I literally hate carrying heavy bags whilst shopping! It does not have inner pockets but you can carry your wallet, mobiles and other small items in it!

Trendy Women's Tote Bag Set ft. Yoshop
Lastly, the set comes with a key holder where you can attach your keys in! My keys usually get lost in my bag but with this key holder, I am sure my keys will be safe! You can attach it on the tote bag but I keep it in my bag just to make sure they are very safe #lol!

Yoshop provides free worldwide shipping. My package arrived safely at my place and I was not charged with customs duty!

Overall, I am very happy with the set of bags and would highly recommend you to check out the website! This set is currently out of stock but you can find similar ones on their site!

Did you like this set of bags?

Stay pretty & Lots of 💓!


  1. The bags look really stylish. The design is attractive. Nice pick :)

  2. Love it, the bag and the set are very awesome. The key holdfast is really cute. Thanks for sharing all this with us.
    Wish you a gorgeous evening!

    1. I too love the key holder! it keeps the keys safe!


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