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Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner Review

Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner
Living Nature has always been my favorite brand. It is natural and takes care of my skin without breaking it out. Recently they launched a new skin care line meant for people with “sensitive skin”. If you have sensitive skin and nothing seems to work on it then you MUST try this range. The range consists of cleanser, hydrating toner, day cream and night cream. Though I do not have sensitive skin but these days it is getting oily yet dull and dehydrated *sounds weird right?*. I have the weirdest kind of skin! Today I am going to review Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner* that can be used by oily/ normal skin for nourishing day/ night treatment. It is priced at NZD$38 and you can buy online HERE.

Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner
Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner
Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner
Swatch of Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner
Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner comes in a refreshing green recyclable cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. There is also a small sample size of the cleanser. The actual product comes in a soft, squeezable off white plastic tube with a flip top lid. The packaging is very simple yet understated. 

The texture of the toner is soft and smooth with lotion like consistency. I was super happy when I found that it is fragrance free. I dislike products that have strong scent. I particularly use this toner as my “night treatment serum“ to keep my skin soft and hydrated. I simply take pea sized amount of toner and rub it between my hands and pat it gently on my face and neck. It gets absorbed instantly and makes my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. 

The weather is super humid at my place and I love how light it feels. In the morning, I wake up with healthy and glowing skin. It does tend to make my T-zone oily but it does not break it out. I also love using it under my makeup and I love how smoothly my foundation blends. If you have sensitive or dry skin then you will love it to the core. 

The hydrating toner contains certified organic virgin coconut oil and vegetable glycerin that makes skin soft and nourished. Harakeke Flax Extract also helps in hydrating and toning the sensitive skin without causing irritations!

Gets absorbed instantly.
Great for people with sensitive or dry skin.
Can be used as night treatment or as a base for makeup for oily skin.
Does not cause irritation.
Skin feels soft and hydrated instantly.
Fragrance free.
Natural and gentle to skin!
Great packaging.
Living Nature provides International Shipping!

If you expect to see dirt on cotton pads (though I prefer to use it as serum!) then you might not like it.

Overall Thoughts:
I LOVE using Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner as night treatment for my oily skin. It feels light and hydrating to my skin. It gets absorbed instantly and does not feel greasy even in humid weather. If you have sensitive or dry skin or want to hydrate your skin then I would definitely recommend it to you!

My Tips:
If you have oily, combination skin, use it as night treatment/ serum.
If you have combination skin and find it hard to blend foundation on your skin then use it as a base.
I do not feel the need to use a moisturizer over it.

Rating: 4.8/5

Do you have sensitive skin? Would you like to try this range?

Stay pretty!

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