Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monthly Favorites: March 2014

Happy Ramnavmi guys!

Lord Ram has been my favorite since childhood. I wonder despite having many things, we love using few things again and again. I so wanted to keep a giveaway this month giving away my favorites but I was running short of money due to loads of shopping I did few days back. This time I loved using both skincare and cosmetics due to some improvement in my acne prone skin. Today I am going to show you the things I loved using this month:

Monthly Favorites: March 2014

The best part of this scrub is its scent. So fresh and yummy! If you are a fan of coffee then you would fall for it. It makes my skin soft and smooth by gently scrubbing off the dead skin. It is quite mild and would suit all skin types.

This is the one of best toners I have ever used. It is 100% natural and preservative free. I love applying it at night before hitting the bed and I find myself waking up with a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin. It has a lovely divine scent of rose water that instantly calms the senses.
Monthly Favorites: March 2014
Last month I loved using handmade soaps. I love their lovely smell that refreshes me up in the morning but I love using this shower gel once in a while when I feel like scrubbing my skin in a gentle way. It does not feel harsh on the skin and its scent is refreshing. It makes my skin soft, smooth and clean. It is indeed a must try in summers!

It is my favorite and the most wearable eye liner during the day time. I love wearing it with blue, pink, purple and plum outfits. It glides smoothly across the lash line and delivers good pigmentation. Maybelline Vivid and smooth liners are awesome for their quality and price. Highly recommended to everyone!

5. Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer 
Okay I won’t say it is the best concealer but it is damn easy to use. I like concealing my dark circles and few blemishes using it. The stick form makes the application easier and the best part is it does not break me out. If you have extremely dry skin then I would not suggest you to use it as it might accentuate your dry patches.

My friends got over shocked when I wore this nail polish. When I was out of the home the color was sky blue and the moment I entered in an AC room it turned purple. It made my friends wonder how quick I was changing the nail polish or if they were drunk. This is one of the most innovative polishes I have ever seen. The only con is that it starts wearing off soon so I always make sure to apply a good top coat.

I love dewy looks but I hate applying cream blushes in this hot weather. This blush delivers good pigmentation, gives a lovely glow to my face and stays on my cheeks for a long time. Although it is pricey but is worth an investment.

If you are fond of fragranced bathing products then I would suggest you to try this soap. It smells divine and keeps my skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It does not tend to turn soggy and retain its shape till the end!

What were your favorites in the month of March! Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

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